Candy Cane Poinsettias

I made some candy can poinsettia's and I thought while I was at it, I would share the pattern.
All you need is red and green felt and some candy canes.
Here is the pattern you'll need to print out.... 
Once you print out the pattern pieces you can either draw the shapes onto felt.... or *what I do* iron freezer paper to the backside of the felt to make it easier to draw the pattern on the felt to be cut out.
Once the pieces are all cut out, you simply stack the four petal piece on top of the green leaf piece and cut a small slit in both pieces....
then using a crochet hook or a pencil poke the long petal piece through the slit...
so it looks like this on the backside....
then just feed a candy cane through the loop.
 Ta da... that is all it takes to make a super cute candy cane poinsettia.
I think they look so cute in a flower vase~
big hugs,


  1. those are just adorable! Thanks for posting directions!

  2. Oh how darling!!! Love these Cheryl:)

    Merry Christmas!!



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