I managed to hit a few yard sales this morning before coming home to babysit my grandkids... Here is a peek at what I think was the highlight of the morning. A collection of real birds nests, I paid $8 for all of these. In total there are 16 nests. Here is a close-up...caute! There are two hummingbird nests here, possibly three if I knew what I was talking about!I had to take one in the backyard and wet it and restick it together (it has some mud inbedded in the nest) to get it back into a "nest" shape.I also have a lot of sticks & nest bedding that has fallen off of these that I'll put beside my bird feeder so the birds can recycle it... even my birds are "green" I also got a bunch of seashells...I picked these up for $1. Also, a bunch of other random junk stuff that is not worth mentioning~ Rhonda over at Southern Hospitality is hosting this "Show us what you got" linky party. Go check it out~

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  1. Wow, I think this is the first time I've seen anyone find REAL birdsnests at a yardsale. Those will be fun to play with. I've found seashells before & love those.


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