Book of Pirate Codes

I decided I needed a few books of the "Pirate Code" to scatter here and there in the building I am decorating in a pirate theme....

I purchased some books at our local swap meet to use as the base of each pirate code book. 
To create the old world look I was after... I glued crumpled tissue paper onto the book to create a super old looking finish. I host a weekly "craft party" at my clubhouse where volunteers come to help me in creating things for this upcoming pirate event. I showed them how to put the tissue paper on the books and let them get those finished for me. I was lucky to find/buy a stack of pop out letters at a yard sale to use for the books cover. I then cut long one inch pieces of cardboard to replicate the look of the book being bound by leather straps. Looking super cute already isn't it! Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh~
It would have taken a lot of layers of craft paint to cover the original books graphics so I spray painted a base coat on the front and back of each book. 
Next, the FUN part...painting a pirate finish to each book!
 I am pretty happy with how they turned out...
 I've been kinda lackadaisical in blogging as of late. I was planning on blogging more-- honest... but then I was involved in a rear end collision and that really has side lined me. A twenty-one year old on his phone hit me at about 50 miles an hour while I was at a dead stop turning onto a side street.
Both front seats were at there closest setting to the dash board (I'm only 5' tall) and both seats were unhooked and knocked back into the backseats which had been knocked flat during the crash. You can see the drivers seat at an angle, the lower right part is where my seat hit the headrest.
 I got to travel in an ambulance for the first time.... Praise the good Lord above I survived the entire event....
 The accident was bad enough... I couldn't breath to save my soul. I felt for sure my ribs were broken. Once at the hospital, I was given Fentanyl. My breathing got much worse. The doctor got in my face and told me I was having a "panic attack."... ok... your the doctor, you know what is what right???? Next they gave me Morphine. My breathing went from 89 down to 19 before they could reverse the effect of the drug. Seems I'm allergic to opioids. The first trauma doctor had been called off my case and the advanced trauma teamed stepped in once I started to "die."..... So, I'm slightly traumatized by the entire accident from start to finish! I am super-duper sore, but life goes on doesn't it! I am very blessed to have not gotten hurt worse than what I was!
big hugs-- but not to tightly :-)