finished with this baby blanket that I'm going to enter in our local fair. I've worked day & late into the night straight for several days now in order to get it finished. I like the way it turned out!-- but I'm soooooooooo glad it is finished!!!



yard sale treasure...... I picked this cute mirror & shelf set up for only $10 buckeroos~ It was already "shabby" when I bought it.... I think I'm going to leave it this color and not *gasp* paint it white lol



I got this male body form at a yard sale for .50 cents...hubba-hubba!
It was a stark white when I brought it/him home. I've covered it with this fabulous aged sheet music fabric which I decoupaged on the form. (bought at Walmart!) I had to snip it in a few places so it would go over some of the curves, but for the most part it is one solid piece covering the form. It is a work-in-progress mixed media piece, but for now its going to be nice to just have in my studio!


Sewing form~

Well.... it took me two days but I finally finished recovering the sewing form that I picked up last weekend for $10 bucks. I had thought at first I would cover the whole thing with something light in color.... but instead I used some tapestry fabric that I had on hand. It is black with little rose clusters all over it. The photo doesn't show the detail in the form-- but it is one of those "exploding" forms. One that you can pull apart to make larger. Thats why it took so long to cover, I had to cover each section individually....after pulling off all the old fabric of course. My finger tips are very sore right now with all the hot glue mishaps and the pulling off of bits & pieces of stuck on fabric! I'm just thrilled to have accomplished something-- heck, anything! I've been steadily working on the baby crocheted sweater-- eh gawds, I am so not good at crocheting clothing.... I'm not giving up-- YET but it is very slow going~


Peach Pie~

I made a peach pie with the peaches from my very own trees :-) I didn't get a lot of peaches--- I don't know why considering my trees are huge. Okokok.... I did let a lot ripen on the tree and fall off-- thats probably why I didn't get that many lol. Here is a wonderful recipe that you MUST TRY! It is another one of those tweaked recipes of mine lol

Brown Sugar Peach Pie~
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 3 tbs. flour
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 4-5 cups of peaches
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 2 store bought pie shells

Add the vanilla to the 4 to 5 cups of peaches...stir well. In another bowl mix all the dry ingredients together. Pour the dry ingredients over the peaches, stir until its all coated. Using a fork make vent holes in the bottom shell....pour in the peach mixture. I always hold back about 1/2 of the juice created from the sugar mixture as I don't like "soupy-pies" Now... take the second pie shell crust out of the pan and onto a piece of wax paper to make a top for the pie. Using water to fix any cracks~ While the pie shell is on the wax paper I used a cookie cutter to create the vents for the top of the pie-- Once you flip the pie shell ontop of the pie--just lift the corner of each heart to offset it a little for a nice vent opening. Super cute!

Oh my gosh.... tastes so good too! The great thing about this pie is that everyone will want big pieces-- so then you won't have left overs that you'll end up eating lol


Saturday treasure hunt~

Well, I did it again. Came home with a car/trunk full of treasures~ I was very lucky to pick up this adjustable Acme dress form from 1930-1940's for the whopping sum of $10 bucks. *insert huge grin here* The form has some slight rips on the fabric-- a perfect excuse to recover the form with something a little brighter. I might also add some lightweight batting to the whole thing so I can pin things to it. It is like a hard cardboard form covered with a loose knit right now~ I may cover the entire thing with some heavy muslin and then make a tight fitting cover for the complete form using a super pretty fabric. I'll probably add either a zipper or just velcro in the back on the "one piece" cover....when I get around to these "big plans." lol

I also got some vintage children's play dishes :-) for a couple of bucks~A box full of junk....which I salvaged these clock faces & parts from. The box was $3 bucks~ Here is a close up~This lot of jewelry was only $3 bucks. Most of it I'm going to wear! Loads of abalone pieces... I got a lot of other bits & pieces as well: a milk glass cream & sugar set, 2 large matching clear glass ginger jars with lids--(love that matchy-matchy!!) I also had given my phone number to a gal who has buttons for sale....gasp! Every time the phone rings I runnnnnnnnn to answer it lol :-) FUN DAY INDEED!


Anniversary time...

eh gawds...August 6th 1983...25 years ago today I got married! Boy-oh-boy does time have a way of flying by doesn't it? I was eighteen and a year out of high school and getting married to my bestest buddy who was all of 23. We got engaged on Valentines day and were married 7 months later. We walked right into the (very popular/upscale) reception hall....had the planner laugh in our face saying that you have to book years in advance for there facilities... when I told her just to "check the date of August 6th anyway" she turned white and said that that day had a cancellation. HA! Next we went to the church.... same story. Sorry we are all booked up for years (due to the fact it is a catholic cathedral--very popular as well) Well.... what do you know...a cancellation? Double HA HA! I am a firm believer in fate :-) So, a big thank you to the couple who cancelled out of the reception hall & church-- I guess you were just holding that space for us~ Sooooooooo 1980's huh? Poofy hair- poofy dress lol.... it had to be the hottest day on record that day... I was soooo hot in that dress & several poofy slips. We drove through Wendy's drive thru and got a soda on our way to the reception hall-- yep, so classy lol. (okokok I was working there at the time, I thought I'd give them all a cheap thrill!)Here we are 25 years later... and I must admit......I thought I'd be divorced by now and married to some billionaire that was in a coma...*sigh* life never turns out the way you think it will now does it. I'm posting some photos from my wedding day.... years & years from now they will probably be in an antique shop..... I wonder if anyone would buy them? I know for sure they laugh at my "big hair"

Here is what was on the front of our wedding invitations:
On this day I will marry my friend,
the one who shares my
my life,
my love~
Pretty much sums it up doesn't it. He is my best buddy, even though I'm hard pressed to admit it. I don't want him getting a fat head or anything, he would be impossible to live with :-P Here are the "guys" looking like a bunch of gangsters (as much as they can wearing pink shirts! LOL) standing in front of my Grandfathers Model A... My hubby is in the gray tux with tails :-P standing in the gutter so he doesn't look so tall- he is 6'3"! (I'm only 5')

Soooooooooo dough-dough (thats what I call him, don't ask me why, I have no clue) you owe me big time for putting up with you for all these years lol..... I don't want any gifts-- cold hard cash will do~


Still goofing around~

Still aimlessy goofing around... I painted this clock (with scissors as the hands... neat huh)pink-- it was a bright-bright gold color, I think the pink toned it down nicely~ It was a $2 dollar boutique find, I had it shoved in with my fabric stash for about a year. I do that, buy stuff and then just shove it in drawers/cabinets for years & years sometimes. I guess that means I'm a pack-rat? It didn't photograph all that well, it is super cute in person!I added ribbon & buttons to my bulletin board-- looks much better now. All I have to do is add stuff to the boards, but hey, I'm in the "lazy" mode so who knows when I'll get around to doing that lolHere is the "whole picture"Next, I'm going to tackle painting the little bookshelf that sits under these bulletin boards.

I started a couple more projects-- I'm crocheting a little childs sweater (for the fair) I've never crocheted clothing before :-P I've also starting making yo-yo's. I tend to make yo-yo's when I just want to give my hands something to do~ kinda mindless cutting & sewing. Still plugging away at the baby blanket I'm crocheting. The pattern is driving me buggy so I've had to distract myself with other projects~


To go...

or not to go...that is the question. I love a good yard sale, but how's a girl to know its a "good" one if you don't go? I have Craigslist bookmarked on my computer and check it several times a day. If you've never seen/heard of Craigslist, you MUST check it out! Just click on the above link then click on your state...then your city (or closest to you) and there you will find a huge listing of different things for sale! (under the "for sale" section of course lol) There is a section that is strictly for yard sales :-) I always jot them down as I come across the ones that sound the best and hit those early on Saturday morning. Sometimes I come across Friday yard sales...anywho, I went to a quicky yard sale this morning and picked up 3 boxes of old greeting cards for $2 bucks :-) I'm glad I went~