My Saturdays always make me soooooooo tired lol. This morning I hit another one of our local mile long (or longer) block sales. I've managed to hit one for the past 3 weeks in a row!! I got a lot of wonderful things :-) A lot of the things I picked up are going to be used as props for...yep... the pirate party. You'd think I would have had it by now..but no it is being held on June 21rst... and June 22nd (a small b.b.q.....) and June 23rd a potluck dinner with about 15 girlfriends. Might as well take advantage of a clean house huh? LOL
Anywho, here is somethings I picked up today:
A pirate chest for $3 buckeroos. (it came with brand new hinges & a clasp still in the packages!) here is the "before" photo of the chest sitting on my outdoor painting table.Here is the "after". Very piratey/boyish!
Here is a darling old lantern that I got for $2 buckeroos...Here is a sneak lookie-lou at the pirate ship I'm building on my R.V. pad in my backyard....
Busy-busy day....


Pirate high chair~

Here is a high chair that I picked up at a yard sale for $1 buckeroo. (I didn't take a photo of it with its tray so you could see it better!) Of course it didn't look anything like it does now... It was a (filthy) plain ol' baby high chair until I took it apart-- spray painted the frame black and reupolstered the seat and back which I then covered with some heavy duty plastic and then hot glued some rope around the edge just to finish it off~ I used my embossing heating tool to melt the heavy plastic so it curved around the edges better. Then I just used my glue gun to secure the plastic to the underside. Screwed the whole thing back together and that was it. Easy peasy and the results are super cute! This is going to be used at my grandson's yearly pirate party if there are any babies needing a high chair :-)


Work in progress....

I was needing some cups for the pirate party I'm hosting, so I came up with this idea. I had bought these cups about 4 years ago and had them in my garage all these years. Something to be said for "using what you got"....(I SELDOM DO lol)The cups you can pick up at any craft store for around a dollar each. I used a super thin bamboo beach mat ($1) which I cut to fit each cup. I used some card stock to make circles which I then glued to the bamboo mat-- cut out and glued to the bottom of each cup. I then hot glued the bamboo around the whole cup insert. I used some ultra suede for the oval which I then cut out a skull & cross bones image from yardage I bought from Walmart, added red felt for the top & bottom and then I just popped the insert with the "art" on it into the plastic holder and taaaaaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaaa instant cute!


Mixed media Monday

This week's theme is "maps" (this is going to be one of many props used at my grandson's upcoming pirate party--he just turned one!)I purchased the gold plastic frame for one dollar at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I spray painted some black lightly over the gold frame to give it an old world look. I then cut out some thin wood (paneling) for the "canvas" on which to create some art. I used old maps from a book and aged them with paint and ink. I tore the edges and then glued it down to cover the wood. I then painted the words "happy birthday Jonathan" on top of the maps. After the center piece was completed, I added some paint to the frame creating what looks like pearls and ruby stones. I used a fabulous pearlized/metallic paint for the pearls... makes it really look like there are real pearls on the frame. I'm going to hit it with some shiny gloss sealer tomorrow to make the colors pop even more~


Show & Tell Friday~

Here is a wooden mantel clock I picked up at an estate sale recently for the small sum of $3 bucks. It is a new clock-- it runs on 3 double A batteries. Two of the batteries operate the hourly/half hour chime. Needless to say, I took those out the first night!! To loud for this light sleeper sleeping way down at the other end of the house lol. When company comes over though-- I am soooooooo putting them back in! It does sound lovely!The dark wood of the clock just didn't look right in my house at all! Sooooooo I painted it-- I know, I know-- some wrinkle their noses, but it does look like it belongs now :-)
Lastly, I share my bounty of cherries with you. I planted a cherry tree last year and just look at all this yumminess. I left a lot on the tree for my yard squirrel to eat. The little stinker loves his sweets!This show & tell is hosted by Kelli :-)