Happy Halloween

This year I'm turning off the outdoor lights and playing like I'm not home. "No candy here kiddies, move along- move along"...... Half the time the kids are taller than me!
Inside the house I'll be sitting at my computer......oblivious to the madness outdoors.
I think I'll order a pizza for dinner... yum.My thoughts are already on Thanksgiving and Christmas....
Next year, I'm going to participate. Yep, I'll pass out those little tiny candy bars.... and of course greet them with a BIG smile wearing my Wonder Women costume.... If it still fits..... Happy Halloween everyone.


Repurposed Keys

I've been repurposing old keys again. Fun times-fun times....
I've got these listed at my online store, "The Tarnished Crown" I'm happy to say, they are selling. I call them "latch keys" You can always tell the ones that I like best.... because I price them a littler higher. I love this one..... This latch key has an unusual shape to it, it kinda gives the whole thing an ultra modern look/feel to it....This key is so sweet with a little bee sitting beside a flower...I love the blue colored stone on this one... I love-love this times... fun times~


Treasure hunting

Ah the yard sale'ing was great this past weekend. I picked up a lot of vintage jewelry..... drooling yet?Lets take a closer look at my treasure...six rhinestone necklaces~13 rhinestone bracelets~5 rhinestone earrings, or is that 10 lol~Two fabulous pins.....Along with all that treasure, I found 40 religious medals that a kind man GAVE to me. I told him I was on a mission that very day to get some religious medals and here he was with an over abundance of them and that he was giving them away for free. *goosebumps huh*
I also snagged this fabulous head with the super long neck for only $1. Along with an "ab-fab" crown that was also a dollar.While chit-chatting with the gal I asked her if she had any more "heads." To which she replied... "Well, I do have a mannequin, but its at my mothers house." She said she would take $8 for it. For eight bucks, I thought it would be worth a little lookie-lou. Couldn't hurt, and it was on my way back home. Soooooooooo I followed her to her mothers house where it was love at first sight. I have no clue what I am going to do with her.... so don't even ask! Just proves I'll buy anything. I googled "chrome mannequin" at it looks like this ranges in price from $200 to $400.Another fun-treasure-filled weekend! I've linked up to Charm Bracelet Diva's "G.W. Party"


Vintage suitcase

I purchased this round suitcase at a yard sale a few years back for only $2.00. At first, I thought I'd make a pirate suitcase with it, but I never got around to doing anything with it. Even though it looks like leather, it is actually made of wood. Recently while looking for a container to hold my grandaughters play clothes.... I came across it again stuffed in a closet. (I knew I'd use it eventually!) With a little bit of spray paint and some fabulous labels, I ended up with this. A vintage suitcase!I was lucky enough to come across six boxes of suitcase labels--- 45 labels in each box. Quick calculation: 270 labels for which I paid $2.00. *big smile* I sanded and inked the edges to give it a well traveled look to it.....Here is the backside of the round suitcase~ Now, all I have to do is load it up with my grandaughters beautiful dress up clothing. I've linked up to Charm Bracelet Diva's "Club G.W."


Bronzed baby shoes...

I have been hoarding collecting bronzed baby shoes for quite some time with the intention of making them into pincushions. Well, I finally got around to it. I've got a total of five pairs of bronzed shoes, but so far I've just made three into pincushions.This one I used embossed velvet....This sweet little shoe got some hot pink velvet....This very shiny bronzed baby shoe was probably wrapped up tightly in tissue paper and put away as a lovely memento... I chose a lovely shade of green velvet for this one.These are all for sale at my online store "The Tarnished Crown" for only $9.00 each plus $3.00 shipping/handling. Plus... new lowered prices on everything... come check it out :-)


Vintage jewelry

I've been playing with some of my vintage jewelry again. I worked on making some more spoon pendant necklaces...I made over 20.....Its a lot of fun to use vintage jewelry in creating these one of a kind pieces....I added a few to my online store "The Tarnished Crown" These are two of my favorites.... The Blessed Virgin Mary..... Is there anything more beautiful than our own American flag? I think not..... "God Bless American" *woot-woot* :-)They are all listed at $12.00 each~


Cottage Door

The barbie house I've been working on has two arched doorways on both sides just screaming for Cottage doors. So I obliged. I used two pieces of cardboard to make each door. After cutting the cardboard to fit each opening, I glued tissue paper onto the cardboard to give it some texture. I then coated the tissue paper with a generous amount of Mod Podge and ran the pointy side of a paint brush down the length of the door to create the look of wood planks.Once that was dry, I glued some plastic from a soda bottle to act as the glass in the doors window. I also glued a long piece of fabric to one side of the door, this is going to be the hinge. I glued the two pieces of the cardboard doors together, sandwiching in the plastic window and the fabric hinge. I painted the doors with a dark brown acrylic paint and highlighted the texture of the doors using some lighter paint which I applied with my finger. I used metal tape adhered to card stock to create some added metal work detail to the doors. For the doorknob, I used two pony beads and ran a piece of pipe cleaner through the cardboard-- and using hot glue attached the beads. I covered the open ends of the pony beads with paper clay to give it a more finished look. A little bit of gray paint and that finished it up nicely.I also added some greenery and small roses around the arch of the doorways.....
Here it is all finished~


Posted to Etsy

I added some more of my spoon pendant necklaces and repurposed keys to my Etsy Store. I think I added something like fourteen things--- I am needing to soak my hands in some hot water for awhile--- they hurt! (even though I cut & paste a lot of it) Here are some of the ones I posted to my Etsy store.... I particularly love this spoon pendant. This one is a smaller spoon, only measuring at 1 & 1/4 inches tall. I think its nice to have a small shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary so close to your heart~Ahhhhhhhhhhhh pink loveliness...... A beautiful rhinestone cross on this one....
Here is one of the keys I posted on my etsy store. I have my keys under "Vintage Latch Key Kids" Just makes me laugh thinking about "latch key days"~