Treasure is starting to become bountiful again... Can you tell I've been searching for cabochons and rock related things?
I've been going to meetings at our local Gem and Mineral club. I have no idea what any of these rocks are called, but I'll play around with them in my wire wrapping class none the less. This piece below is silver with a cabochon and a long pearl. There is a piece missing which will be any easy fix when I cut/polish/fit a stone for the piece. *sorry it is blurry*
 I always buy religious items....*sorry another blurry shot*
 Silver is everywhere for pennies...
 ahhhh...  buttons, my kryptonite.
 I got all this below for only $3.00... One bag is full of beautiful crystals, another bag is full of clear glass beads..
and the bread bag? That was filled with a bazillion strands of beads.
Strands upon strands of seed beads and plastic coated larger beads. I had to have them... if nothing else they look cute in this jar. *wink*
Still more rock related items....

I think these rocks have been dyed.

This old tin was filled with marriage, birth and death certificates .50¢
 I also got a huge lot of fabric... all this shown below was only $10.00. I looked up the small scissors online, they alone were $25 bucks when bought new... they are still in pristine condition.
 I went to Morro Bay's city wide yard sale -a few weeks back- and bought the following. The corner shelf $1.00, the glove hand mold was $5.00 and the ruler was .25¢ (etsy has them for sale for $30) The lantern was .25¢ and the blue/beige vase was $1.00. Those two things will go out in my pirate yard.
 A box full of jewelry... $5.00
 another $5.00....
 The two large teeth (I think are Buffalo teeth) and the small beaded Indian were tied together according to my friend whom I bought it from. It was all chucked in the $5.00 box...
Actually this little beaded treasure is an American Indian spirit doll. If you look closely you can see the leg and claw of an animal that represents legs on the doll. Obviously one is missing. If I had to guess I would think it came from the Zuni Indians....
 I'm always a sucker for old photographs and super old ephemera. All of this was $3.00...
 This box of clay tools was only .50¢
More strands of beads... some are mother of pearl (my favorite) some are rock related... and the clear beads I'm going to hopefully-one day make some snowflakes with.
Well that is my big haul from the past few weeks. I've been extremely busy with "who knows what" but it seems to keep me from doing the things I want to do!
big hugs,