I just stepped away for a hot minute.........

My goodness.... I stepped away from my blog for a hot minute-- and almost 7 months have passed... eiy-eiy-eiy....

I have signed up to do a four day craft event in October with the gem and mineral club I belong to. The majority of items each vendor can sell should be "rock related" seeing how we are a rock club. When I initially signed up, the pandemic seemed to be easing up somewhat, and I was hopeful that the worst was behind us. Well, we all know now that the crisis is on the rise once again..... sigh.... I'm a maker, and as you all know, "A maker's gotta make" so that is what I'm going to continue to do.

I found these adorable little red pickup truck stickers with Santa driving at Hobby Lobby. Are they not the cutest?
I pulled off the 3 dimensional sticky tape on the backside and used E6000 to adhere the little truck to a wooden slab. I then glued itty-bitty rocks in the trucks bed in front of the Christmas tree. Adorable! Well, if your passionate about rocks that is :-) After the truck was all decked out, I hot glued pipe cleaner greenery around the slab... ta da.... instant rock collector Christmas ornament! I made a bunch of ornaments and packaged them up on various tartan papers. Each one has a piece of twine at the top to hang the ornament from-- I've got the twine tucked behind each ornament so it doesn't get in the way of seeing the cuteness of each piece.I am planning on having my table decked out with galvanized metal containers and bowls etc...I pulled out this fabulous Birds & Branches tray from my garage, hence the dust. I love owning this little piece of art....  even though up to now, it was just on a shelf in my garage! This particular tray is pretty large measuring in at 12 x 21 inches. They don't sell this size anymore, they only have the smaller ones available. If your interested in getting one similar you can check out "Star Home Designs" They sell some super cute items! I think the tray will tie in nicely with all the galvanized pieces I've been buying and stashing in bins to use at the event. Honestly, I don't even recall what I've bought :-P