Weekend Treasures

This past weekend I went treasure hunting and I wasn't disappointed! I found a lot of interesting things... A few oriental things, along with some fun bar mugs....
 I'm loving the two crystal candlesticks and the silver trays... I might paint the metal white on the candlesticks  and bring them inside.... no-no-no.... I must focus on the pirate yard!
 This ships bell was a must have.... its super loud and will be perfect to get every ones attention.
 Three sea shell candle sticks and the biggest, thickest abalone shell I have ever come across....
 Two huge crates that were only $4.00 for the two. *score*
 This pully has a rounded front and backside, I've never seen one like this before so I'm happy to add it to my collection...
I bought a lot of old bottles too. The ones in the plastic bag I am going to alter rather than put out in my yard! 

I got some treasures from my mom too.... loving the little tea pot! The brass planters will soon be filled with dabloons and strands of pearls.
Lastly, I picked up two bar stools for the pirate bar. *GASP* Stunning right?
I spotted these on the last row at the swap meet.... can you believe no one snatched them up before I got them? *wink*

 Guess what I paid for the pair.... guess, come on---

 just FIVE BUCKS! *score!* I am going to stain them and add some rope to the top and bottom, maybe even the middle--- then of course add some new fabric to the seat. What a great treasure filled weekend!
big hugs,


Vintage Earring Holder

I picked up this darling vintage wooden frame last summer for only 50¢....  I finally got around to re-purposing it.

Here is the after photo of the frame I turned into an earring holder...
To create this earring holder, I pulled off the paper backing, pulled out the nails that held the cardboard picture in the frame. Next, I used scissors to cut some rain gutter screen using the cardboard picture as my pattern piece.
I cut long thin strips of chip board to fit inside the ledge of the back of the frame to cover the glued screen. Doing this also gives the backside a nice finished look.
Once all that was done, I painted the entire piece with one coat of pink paint. Once the paint was dry, I sanded the edges and a few random areas around the frame. Next, I added some stain to further distress the piece. Lastly, I added a water decal to the top of the backside...

You can see where I sanded some of the color from the original frame showing through...

I really like how it turned out~

This will be going with me to my booth at next months Artist's Market.
I've linked up to Beverly's Pink Saturday.
big hugs,


D.I.Y. Pink Canning Jar

I am sure you have all seen and loved those canning jars with the paint inside of them.... I found a canning jar for .50¢ and thought I'd give it a try.... I am in love! *please note* It is not quite dry or I'd have some flowers in it!

 Now I know from past experience that when you paint on glass it will run down the sides until you have only a thin splotchy layer of paint on the glass. I originally was going to make some think chalk paint, but then I spied this in my garage and decided to try it.

Oh my goodness. I love Fixall even better than mixing in plaster of paris! It made the paint nice and thick, almost a thin clay like mixture that spread really well and was thick enough to stay put! I painted this last night and it still hasn't cured completely-- that is the only down side I see so far. Other than that I have no complaints.

Today I have spent all morning in my backyard and decided to share some pink that I have in my yard. If you don't know it already, I have a pirate themed backyard~ Here is a crate of pink dishes. My girlfriend is going to have a fit when she sees them in my yard as she has the same set and is wanting mine for additional pieces. *wink*
 Some pink flowers in a fabulous silver vase...
Some teeny tiny pink roses on this clock...
 Lastly, some colorful rocks in a bucket. When I see rocks at yard sales, I always buy them. I toss them around my yard and my two small grand kids "find" them... they are always so surprised at the fabulous rocks in Nana's yard. *wink*

I have joined in all the pink fun over at Beverly's Pink Saturday.
big hugs,



I just got back from a small vacation to Disneyland and California Adventures to celebrate my grand daughter's 5th birthday. 
We had breakfast at Ariel's Grotto... Chloe was delighted to see her friend Ariel waiting for her..... Here she is getting her new phone number. *wink*
 Some of her other girl friends were there too... Cinderella,
 Princess Aurora....
 and Snow White...

Here is Chloe enjoying an after brunch cupcake to finish up a delightful morning....

We all enjoyed the new car ride in California adventures.... It was really a cute ride.
 This year she finally met the height requirement to go on some of the "scarier" rides.... This did not make her to happy!
 Of course her older brother enjoyed the birthday vacation did we all....
Good times... good times!
big hugs,