Tree house part 2

I've been working a little bit on my tree stump miniature house. You can find part 1 here. I used paper towels soaked in a mixture of half glue and half water to create the bark on the stump.

I've still got the capability to remove the door, this makes it super easy to really get inside the miniature house and continue to work on it-- plus, once it is all finished, I will have easy access for decorating!The second floor is just two layers of super strong cardboard. I had to cover up the edges to give it a clean edge. The second floor is going to have a wooden planked floor. I'm needing to create two sets of stairs. One from the bottom floor to the second, the other from the second floor to the topside of the tree stump. Of course, I am wanting a spiral staircase... juries still out on that one!Here is another view.... I'm going to create a flagstone area on the flat part on the front of the tree stump. I'm also going to add rocks to the fireplace to spruce that up. I'm looking forward to getting the structure finished so I can get to the fun part of decorating it!


Happy New Year!

So I reread my post for the start of 2020 and realized I hadn't accomplished any of the things I set out to do. Who would have thought that doing every day normal things could put you in a situation that could potentially kill you. Wow. Shakes you to your very core-- if you linger in those thoughts for to long

For 2021, I'm not going to have any expectations or goals that I aspire too/for... I'm just going to choose a word for the year. Like so many-- I'm choosing the word: HOPE... and in conjunction with hope, obviously FAITH.
With hope and faith, it is easy to feel that 2021 is going to be an amazingly beautiful year.