I had a fun day shopping today at the boutiques. I bought this lot below which totaled $3 bucks. The beaded circles (which looks like crowns when the beads are standing up) were once being sold for $8 bucks a piece *grins* I love that I got them soooooo cheap lol~
This lot of Christmas ornaments totaled one whole buckeroooo~ There are some really cute ornaments at the very bottom of that bin, and some not so cute, but the price was certainly right. This is just the ones that I'm keeping, there was a bunch I've bagged up to donate to a thrift store :-)



Lookie what I found at our local dollar store. Three of these cuties boxed up for one dollar. They are glass and except for the tail feathers, they look just like the old Christmas birds of long ago. I was with my hubby or I would have bought a whole shopping cart full. I am so going back when I get my car out of the shop this afternoon! :-)

It was a busy day for me today behind the ol' computer. Well, scanner to be exact. I spent a good part of my morning scanning most of the old photos that I picked up for a dollar each....*still makes me grin* All this while my cutie-pa-tootie grandson was taking a nap. We did our usual walk, he had his lunch- a little play time and then he was out for "a long winters nap." I haven't done much in the way of "art" for sometime now, I'm hoping this will get me going. I've got big plans mind you..... just planning makes me tired lol. Yep, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it~

My hubby and I took our daughter and grandson to a pumpkin patch on Sunday. cute~ The little stinker is totally in love with CARS (at 6 months old) and would have preferred to have kept on looking at the cars in the parking lot!!! But none-the-less, we dragged him into the pumpkin patch~ if nothing else but to take photos lol.
"Hey Mom....this hay......IS HURTING MY BUTT!"


So mad I could spit~

My car is acting up A-G-A-I-N. Through no fault of its own. Its that darn "Mustang Ranch" automotive shop I take it to. They suck. Long story short, I'm mad.... and they are gonna get it when I get ahold of them. The stupid fan shroud that they sold me for 100 bucks was put on WRONG and so it hits the fans blades which then caused the shroud to hit my brand new 400 buck radiator. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... they are so getting a poke to the eye!

Sooooooooooo, Amy, my swap buddy.... its going to be a few more days until I can get your package mailed off to you. But its a coming!


I'm a cutter~

I LOVE to cut things. Weird I know~ Thats what I've been doing lately... just cutting. I sit on the couch making babbling noises to my grandson while he plays...and I cut. Wings, crowns...skull & cross bones (for my grandson's pirate party in April) circles, leaves, stars.. you name it, I've cut it :-) More cutting today as well. Here is a photo of the "boo-eek" banner I've made for my swap partner Amy. (okokok, this one is MINE) but hers is just like it :-)



Here are some photos of some of the things I made to send off to my swap partner Amy. The little baby is my fav~ such a sweet little face. I surrounded the plaque with a braided gold chain, kinda cute.
I am almost finished with the "boo-eek" swag I've made her as well. I'll post a photo of that as well when I'm done with it :-)
Here is a little box that is going to house that little fella that is standing on top... got that at Michaels.... but I bought some paper clay and I've made one just like it lol.


Still Cheeky~

"How you doing hen?" Fabulous, thank you for asking! "Aye, still cheeky as ever I see." (sorry, flash back to my youth....)
I think I am allergic (just like you Brenda lol) to the pain pills the dentist gave me. I was thinking since one was good, two would be better... mistake.... whoa nelly....mistake! Thought I'd nearly die from the sick feeling that gave me! Good news, simple aspirin seems to be doing the job nicely. Now, I just have a bottle of pain pills of no use to meeeeeeeee.... hmmm maybe e-bay'em? JoKiNg~

I've been busy creating some items for Amy for the first of our 3 month swap. Of course, I have to make multiples of things, so one for Amy.... three for meeeeeeeeee. Yep, I am so like that. I'll post pictures before I mail it out :-)

So the tooth fairy never did come over. My husband said it was because the dentist kept the 4 wisdom teeth so he gets the money lol.... I told him balderdash! Then I informed him that I would take matters into my own hands and "gift" myself! (Which is probably a good thing since I'm so gosh darn thrifty) Anywho, I got a "tiny singer serger" today..... oh... and it only cost me $10 bucks. Who's the lucky girl??? That'd be meeeeee~ I bought it off of a gal here in town (off of the ol' computer/craigslist) I went to her house to look at/buy an oak high chair ($35 bucks) Well, I talked her down to $25 bucks for the high chair and $10 bucks for the serger and she threw in a super cute iron branch with 2 birds & 2 nests on it. (which I LOVE to pieces) Now, I just have to figure out how to use that serger.... darn, I may end up having to read the instructions...grrrr :-P


I survived~

Wow..... I survived it. I am a swollen chipmunk right now...but happy as a lark (I think the drugs haven't worn off yet lol) I didn't have to have any stitches, I'm greatful for that. I think I worked myself up so much and to have it turn out so good...(so far anywho) I'm so happy! lol...yep, I'm a nut. Wait until the pain starts..... I'm sure I'm not going to be so happy lol.

Well, well, well....

.... I won, I won, I won. I went to our local fair yesterday and found out I won three ribbons out of the five things I entered. I must admit, it felt like I was back in grade school and winning a ribbon lol. It was exciting! I won a first place ribbon on the pink padded photo album. (which I didn't think would get any ribbons at all) Second place ribbon on the fabric covered box, (again, I didn't think that would be a ribbon winner) Also, a second place ribbon on the six Christmas ornaments I made. (which I personally thought should have been the "first prize" winner)
The crocheted blanket didn't place anything, which was totally understandable (now) seeing how the other blankets were literally works of art!
Also, my "quickie-gotta-make-something-fast" piece of jewerly didn't get any ribbons as well. (that I figured from the get-go) But...seeing what did place ribbons, I'll be sure to get first place NEXT year lolWhoa is me...I'm off to get my 4 wisdom teeth out~ *big-fat-pout*


Weekend plans~

This weekend my daughter and her family are going to be going out of town, which means I get "pet duty" over at their house. I have big plans for their house while they are away! Mistake leaving me with the key lol. They are both so busy with work and their new baby that they never seem to get projects done, so I thought I would get some things finished for them. I was thinking about making & hanging some curtains, filling in some "bald" spots with some silk plants.... slip covering one of their chairs... hanging some lace curtains on their french doors.... and of course making some jackets for her little dog Coco~ Loads of busy work (which is just what I'm needing....)*sigh*..... I am going to be getting all four of my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday :-( Seeing how I am such a baby whenever it comes to things like this.... this is devastating news. *sob-sob* The good thing is that I'll be completely knocked out. Hooray for drugs~ lol



I just happened to be driving by the house in my neighborhood where I bought all of that fab stuff for $20 bucks... noticed there was a massive pile of left over stuff... had to stop. Needless to say, I ended up hauling most of it home with me. I had to send my hubby home to pick up my truck. (yes, it looks like a beat up ol' truck... lol... its a 1964 falcon) The majority of the items I will be donating to a thrift store. (my house is full already!) but... the fabric, wowzers. There is enough fabric to open a small shop! Again, I had to toss loads of it into the donate pile as I just have no place to store that much. The large rolls on top of that pile...well thats a roll of ultra suede, a roll of white satin, a roll of thick clear plastic, a roll of a heavy gold fabric-with a price of $8 bucks a yard :-) I have no idea what I'm going to make with any of it, but its mighty nice to have it especially with it all being free. And-- I met the nicest people who are renting that house.... exchanged numbers... who knows, maybe they will be our newest bestest buds~