Newest Necklaces

I've been making some more necklaces using silver spoons..... I was down to just four in my etsy store :-) I've also made some bracelets and necklaces using rosary beads and watch cases....Try as I might, I just can't get a good photo of those...Tomorrow is a new day.... I'll try again then. So, for now I have them in a basket waiting there turn to get in front of the lens....Duh... I'm so silly, I should try using my other camera...When in doudt, swap it out!


Foiled Easter Egg

I found my huge stash of plastic eggs to be filled for this upcoming egg hunting season. In amongst the plastic eggs I found an egg made out of molded cardboard from a local candy store that I had saved to decorate into something more shabby-sweet. A smidge of blue foil, some old dresden trim, some millinery flowers and it came together beautifully.I also added some trim bits to a few other eggs... The blue one is so sweet.... now I want a huge basket filled with them... filled with chocolate of course~


Recent Finds

I bought a box of vintage millinery flowers and old hats for $5.00 for the lot. A few crochet pieces and some vintage jewelry...and these silverware earrings for myself.



Since the weather has been so nice I've really been burning the candle at both ends out in my yard.I see my neighbors leisurely walking their dogs around the neighborhood while I am covered in dirt and muck. Some are even nice enough to pick up after their dogs go poop on our lawn..... no worries though-- hubby will just mow over it if you don't. I know right?The big count down has begun until this years pirate parties....78 days and counting.... I have visions of piratey things in everything I do and see... long straight branches cut off of one of 8 trees we are cutting down look like something I might turn into something.... maybe some swords?All fabric starts taking on the shape of ships sails and pirate bunting...
I have no time for e-mails and howdie-doos... I'm a BUSY girl I tell you! A quick bite to eat....Then a quick shower....Then bed..... I SAID "I had a headache"......Ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm getting to old for this...Big hugs to my buddy Jennie for all the funny pictures--- she sends me the bestest e-mails :-)


Hand made Pinata

I finished up a Pirate pinata today. I found a new in the box foam skeleton at a second hand store for .50¢ I cut up a large cardboard box and made the basic outline shape of the skeleton. I used hot glue to glue long narrow strips between the front and back of the pinata. Once the pinata was glued together--- I cut it in half and reattached it together gluing card stock paper to the pieces. This is going to be broken open by 3 to 5 year olds.... so I am hoping a couple of whacks and the candy will go flying! Once the pinata was put back together, I spray painted the whole thing black. I used a roll of black crepe paper streamer that I wound around my hand then just snipped so that when I unrolled it it was fringed. I then ran long lines of glue to adhere the fringed black crepe paper to the shape. I used hot glue to secure the foam skeleton to the pinata.Lastly, I added large red rhinestones for the eyes.... what a cutie~


Saint Patricks day Cake....

I whipped up a little dietetic birthday cake for my friend Patricia whose birthday was on Saint Patricks day... I added some glitter to the roses on top of the cake, along with rhinestones here and there. The eyes had a dull-stare to them so I glued green flat backed rhinestones to make them pop.This was a nice distraction from all the other projects that I have started and haven't finished. On top of all the fun stuff I've been working on, I decided to pull everything out of my kitchen cabinets and paint them.... just inside the cabinets mind you.... Its going to look ab-fab once I'm finished! *wink*


Lucky little cherubs

I whipped up a few things for some girl friends that I met up with the other night.... I painted some peat pots green and added a vintage graphic from "Imagi Meri's Creations" She has thee most delightful graphics :-) Next, I glued some vintage crepe paper and ribbon to the little pots and the containers were finished in a snap. Inside each little peat pot I tucked a little jar with a Saint Patricks day fairy in each one. I tied a four leaf clover tag to each little bottle.... I remember in my kindergarten class if you found a four leaf clover the teacher would tape to the center of a construction paper crown and you got to wear it all day long.... I think I'll make two crowns for my grand kids with four leaf clovers on them :-)
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Draw String bags

Last Wednesday I bought a dark tan sheet from my favorite thrift store, for only $2.00...with the soul purpose of making it into small draw string bags. I made a skull and cross bone stencil while the sheet was being washed~Fresh from the laundry, I cut & ironed & stitched & then stenciled the first image onto each bag. The next day I stenciled the second, (black) image to finish up each skull and cross bone on each bag. It was only after I finished with sewing them together and stenciling on them that I realized I had made 54 pirate draw string bags. No wonder it was taking me for.ever to get it finished! I am still needing to flip each bag inside out and stitch the two corners so each bag has a flat bottom to them. I am also going to be adding twine to each bag to be used as the draw string instead of the black ribbon... all that will be done another day! :-P
I am anxious to turn those spray painted rocks into something fabulous... stay tuned me hearties~


Recent Jewelry

I've been playing in my studio making some necklaces.... Oh my goodness I'm having a lot of fun creating these. I'm still needing/wanting to recover this dress form--- thats always pushed to the back burner. Maybe if I recover it in something "shabby" that might motivate me....Here is a close up of one of my favorite necklaces I've just made...Here is a close up of the shrine at the end of the baby blue rosary... I made some more spoon pendants too...If anyone is interested in any of these... they are in my etsy store :-)