Happy New Year~

What a blessing to be ringing in a new year~I've always got such big-big plans starting each new year... no disappointments though if nothing on my list actually gets accomplished. Life is to precious to sweat the small stuff :-)
Anywho, here is my resolutions for this upcoming year:

Learn to paint roses~

paint all the cabinets in my studio~

exercise-- again, no pressure to actually do these things~

use things I already have.... *gasp*~

declutter.... *shudder*~


Happy new year everyone :-) Lets hope its another good one....


Metal tape~

I bought two brand new rolls of metal tape this past summer at a yard sale for .50cents each. The rolls normally run about $8 bucks each at Home Depot. I've been wanting to play around with the tape for some time-- and finally got an urge to use it. For next Monday's mixed media challenge piece using the theme of "leftovers" as the challenge, I have an idea in mind...... so with that said, I covered a cardboard shape and a resin heart that I hope to use in the piece I make. The resin heart I wanted it to appear to be broken, so I used a file and made a line in the heart then I drilled holes into the piece on either side of the line so I could lace it back together....The tape is really easy to work with, and I think the results are wonderful. I threaded some gold wire through the holes to give the appearance of the heart being laced back together, I even made the wire into a bow at the top. no easy task!Once the tape was smoothed onto each piece, I removed the red ink on the tape with a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on it. To make the tape look like real metal, I smeared black paint over both pieces with my fingers. Thats it~ neat huh?


Canvas bags~

I have been wanting to start using my own shopping bags instead of using the plastic and paper ones given out at the stores. I wanted fabric canvas bags instead of those plastic covered fabric ones that advertise the stores name on them... Sooooooooo with that in mind, I purchased some canvas bags that I bought at a thrift store for .50cents each. I washed the bags first, then I used a linen dress that I picked up at the same thrift store for $1 as the "fabric" to cover the bags. I didn't bother to iron the fabric as these are going to be folded/rolled/crammed in my purse from now on.Here is a smaller bag that I recovered for my grandson, this one is going to stay in their van to hold the plastic folding toilet seat cover that he uses whenever they go out and about. Just keeping it real~It was soooooooo easy-peasy. I just turned each bag inside out and drew the outline of the bag shape onto the fabric I was using to cover the bags. I used the hemmed edge of the dress across the top of the bag. Essentially, I just made a pillowcase for the bag. I turned it right side out and dropped the bag into the "pillowcase" and then just stitched around the top of the bag. Thats it~
Now hows that for reusing, recycling and repurposing? I feel so green~ Of course, that could also be blamed on all the left overs I've eaten...


Merry Christmas

May you be happy with all your presents....But most of all... be happiest in his presence~Merry Christmas~


Last minute gift~

Well here it is Christmas eve... all is quiet... I figured I'd get some things finished up seeing how tomorrow is Christmas~ I have been wanting to make a holder for my grandaughters hair bows that I've been making her. I've made her a bag full of hair bows, which she will receive tomorrow, I figured this would tie in nicely with the bows.I've had this thrifted gold frame for about a year now-- it was tucked under my bed. I pulled out the flowered embroidery piece that was in it, I'll donate that back to the thrift store. I just hot glued the black grograin ribbon onto the back of the frame. Thats it. I think it turned out super caute! If my daughter likes it, I'm going to suggest I find one of those super big vintage type frames that are 4'x2' and do this in a larger scale. I have a funny feeling Miss Chloe Rose is going to have a large collection of hair bows!
Now, I'm off to find something else to work on... I'm soooooooooo bored~ I've started and ripped out 3 different crocheted blankets (so far) I can't find a pattern I like!

Christmas Eve~

Well the big guy had a chance to meet the grandkids recently.... here is my grandson Jonathan who informed Santa he needs "Cars, Nascar and two Monster trucks" What a vocabulary huh?My grandaughter Chloe~She informed Santa she wanted some diamonds and a new tiara. Santa said he could swing some diamonds but the tiara would have to wait. Obviously Santa felt the wrath of that statement~If Chloe isn't happy, no one is happy~



I've been feeling very bored lately.... don't ya just hate when you feel bored? I think it has something to do with it being winter and it being all gloomy outside. Mind you, I live in California, but none the less it gets pretty cold. Ok well cold for me. When it hits 59 degrees or below...I suffer! My bed looks something like the bed from "Princess and the Pea" with me being the "pea." I have layer upon layer of quilts and blankets on my bed... Anywho, enough complaining :-)
I was thinking I need a crochet project to work on during this long-long horrid winter... First things first though, I am needing a basket to hold my yarn, hook and the pattern for whatever I chose to make. I've had this basket forever, which in itself is rare. Yes, its been in the pile to be donated to the thrift stores a few times only to be pulled out at the last minute. I recently painted it white, and now I'm liking it! So, I committed myself to keeping it... and made a fabric insert for the oval basket. Now, I'm just needing to find a crochet pattern to mindlessly work on to take me into summer~


I finally got my act together and made some headbands for my grandaughter. I had planned to make her some when she was born (10 months ago) but never did.... where does the time go? I used flamingo hair clips which I covered with grograin ribbon using hot glue. Then I glued the ribbon covered hair clips onto huge flowers of different colors. I used pre-made elastic headbands in different widths for each flower. This one pictured below is a very wide headband to help hold the huge flower on her head easily. The clip allows for easy removal of each flower so I can later make some bows to add to the headbands. Here is Miss Chloe Rose modeling one of her headbands~ Look at the attitude... work it girl~


Mixed Media Monday~

This weeks theme is: "Frosty"I made this hanging piece starting with the glass circle that I had in my stash of stuff. I "frosted" the edges of the glass with sponged white paint. I created the circular shadow box using an old scrabble game-board which I cut and glued together making sure it fit the glass piece I was wanting to use. The game boards are so thick I have to cut them using sheet metal clippers. Cuts like butta' using those :-) I glued and aged some old papers to cover the scrabble text.... then I used one of my bazillion cutie-pa-tootie fairies as the center piece for this "frosty" scene. I also used some white glittered plastic fern leaves and other bits of frosted do-dads to make it look all wintery. I added some rhinestones and some clear round beads to give it a little more sparkle~ Once the inside was finished, I hot glued the round glass piece on top and soldered it all together. I am super bad at soldering, but thats okie-dokie 'cause I've seen worse! I'm just saying~

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Little stockings~

These little Christmas stockings were made using the left over fabric that I used to make my larger Christmas stockings. (blogged about here) I also made the little pink and blue ruffles that are glued along the top edges. I really like making those little ruffles.... I've got a whole tub of them that I've made and have yet to find a use for-- I am sooooooooo like that! I haven't made a hanger for these little stockings, for now I've just got them in a bowlie~


Show & Tell~

This week I'm showing off my candy-cane crafts that I like to make every year. I don't like the taste of candy-canes, so its a gooooooooood candy to have laying around! Here is my candy-cane can find the pattern here. This is the first time I've made the candy-cane cats... I think they turned out super caute! Here is my candy-cane mice that I've been making now for over 20 can find that pattern here. Both of these are super easy and great for girl/boy scout leaders to make with their troops, class gifts, or just a little somethin'-somethin' to pass out to coworkers.
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Candy Cane Mice~

Here are the candy cane mice that I mentioned in the previous post. I've made these for years & years & again this year~ Here is a close up of one of the mice~Here is the pattern that I created recently--- since I couldn't find the one I used last year. I'll find it later when I'm not looking for it!You can get five mice per each square sheet of felt. I used one sheet of the green felt to cut out the 12 ears. Another easy-peasy fun project!


Candy Cane Cats~

For the past 20 years or so I've been making candy cane mice to pass out at Christmas time... this year I came across a pattern for candy cane cats. Of course I had to give them a try.... very cute indeed! I glued on the wiggley eyes, a felt triangle nose, the red ribbon/bow and the bell. The mouth and wiskers I used two strands of embroidery floss and just winged it as I went along.Here is the pattern I used if your wanting to give it a try. The two slits are for feeding the ears through which will hold the end of the candy cane. Don't cut them to big-- smaller/tighter is better (in my opinion)I used a sticky backed mailing label which I printed "Merry Christmas" on to help hold the candy cane in place so the cats tail wouldn't move. Super easy-peasy project~


Mixed Media Monday~

This weeks theme is: Hanging out... Here is Pete hanging out on the Christmas tree~I've used an old-old box that I picked up for .45cents as the base for my piece. The "snowballs" that were packaged inside the box were just small styrofoam balls-- funny huh? I carefully opened up the flimsy box at the seam and reinforced the whole box with some thin chipboard then I reglued it back together. In keeping with the snowball theme of the box I used a little larger styrofoam balls then what came in the box originally and covered them with textured paint and glitter. I used my favorite little cutie-pie whom I named "Pete" to "hang-out"--- literally! What a face that little cherub has huh?
You can view more art pieces by checking out the weekly challenge site for mixed media art here---> Mixed Media Blog. If you have linked to my blog and wish to view more you can click on this link right ---> here.


Thrifted treasures~

Slim pickings these days... I picked up this stack of vintage fabric for $2 Included in the bag were large pieces of leather in different colors. Who knows what I'll do with those, but I'm sure something will pop into my head one day. (there was a lot more fabric, but this is all I'm keeping) The three pumpkins were $1 each. The tall thingie thats painted white (its brass) was $1. The small silver thingie was $1.50. I've already got that in my bathroom holding some perfume. This fabulous little jewelry box for only $1.20 cents. Who prices these things? Caute huh? The outside is dirty but the inside is clean/brand new. It has green felt with a removeable tray for larger items on the bottom. The mirror still has the tape across it from when it was shipped. I am soooooooo going to paint this white and distress it~Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I got boxes & boxes of craft books, recipe books, paper craft books & magazines, scrapbook & card-making magazines & books, crochet books & magazines, knitting books etc-etc-etc... all for $20. Here is a photo of just some of them~She started off at $50 bucks-- gasp. Then I played the pitty card. Whoa is me-- to much for my budget--- so close to Christmas. I tell ya' I was in rare form! I'm thinking had I continued she would have given them to me for free. I've been neglecting my blog to read through them allllllllllllllllllllll~ I don't have much more to go through, I've got a several small stacks I'm going to keep, the rest is going up for sale on craigslist!


Christmas Cards~

Busy, busy, busy... Here are this years Christmas card photos that I whipped up to be shipped out along with my Christmas cards. Next year I'm going to be doing something easier as this takes forever to finish.
Here is the outside....Lets untie the bow and peek inside shall we?
Here is the inside....a close-up of Chloe with Santa...Flip the photo of Chloe and Santa up to reveal another shot of Chloe and Santa crying~ The caption reads, "What?" "Your out of CANDY CANES?"Here is the backside of the card with even more photos.Here it is all tied up again and ready to be mailed.I've got a few more that I'm needing to make and then I've just got to wrap them up and ship them out. I'm shooting for tomorrow... wish me luck!


Showin' and a tellin'~

Well, I didn't get toooooooo far on my Christmas decorating this year. I always have these huge plans..... and well.... I get busy. I did manage to put up the tree and hang the stockings I recently made, so I'm thinking this will have to do. Next year, seriously, I'm starting earlier. Soooooooooo here is my tree, it is white although it looks pink in the photos. Glittered balls, butterflys, stars, hearts, birds-- you name it, its on there. My husband asked me if I had enough tree to hold all of what I wanted to put on it. The answer? "No" I need more tree!The Christmas stockings I made~The fireplace mantel with white netting & lights and various flowers placed randomly here and there~Our magic elf that moves around the house when no one is paying attention. This elf has been in our family since our daughters first Christmas 24 years ago.I think the elf is feeding our cat Charlie on the sly as the two have a special bond. The hutch beside our kitchen table, nothing fancy-- greenery, lights and pinecone ornaments.The little mirror & shelf behind our table with pine boughs and glittered balls & red pinecones~No more room on the tree for any more glittered balls, so I've had to resort to placing them in containers.....more containers of balls, I made the tiny stockings using the scraps of fabric from the large Christmas stockings I made. I've got them stuffed with candy....Ohhhhhhhhhhhh and Santa's hat. He always leaves a spare at our house incase his gets lost while he is flying around droping off presents 'cause we're tight like that.The nativity set that was my parents when I was a child.Look at the beauty of this... amazing huh?A seashell wreath I made recently~My front door-- I made this last year~I had to resort to stacking some of the bazillion presents on the back of our sectional couch in our grandkids playroom as there is no room anywhere in our house for this huge mess of presents,presents, presents,and more presents... and even more that are needing to be wrapped. I'm getting tired of wrapping presents... I'm thinking of putting all the rest into gift bags!
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