Button Keep Jar

I took the "Button Keep Challenge" and joined in for some monthly fun of making a jar to hold some buttons. I used small quilted jelly jars as my jar of choice for each months button keep container to build upon. I was wanting a smooth surface to work with on the lid so I covered the silver canning lid that came with the jars with some illustration board. This jar is for white buttons~A metal birds nest, book text, white buttons and a small cherub with some wings and taaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaa a jar for keeping buttons. What a fun addition to my studio shelf....The little cherub is so stinking cute! Such a happy little baby....big hugs,


Hair Bow Holder

My grand daughter has a lot of hair bows. Some store bought, some gifted to her...and a lot made by me. A few years ago, I made her a hair bow holder using a gold gilt frame and some black grosgrain ribbon, with that idea in mind, I made some more. I got this huge spool of grosgrain ribbon for one dollar years ago~Now that she has her own bedroom, the little three year old now dictates a more sophisticated look. *wink* The color scheme in her room is black, hot pink, light pink & white. Firstly, I spray painted all the frames black to give everything a cohesive look. This way too, I can add more frames in the future simply by painting them black to match.Next, I measured the frames so that the ribbons would fit evenly spaced on the backside of each frame. Then, I simply hot glued the black grosgrain ribbon in place. Easy~peasy. The bows easily clip to the ribbons on the frames for easy access. These black frames are going to be hung on hot pink walls.... should be caute!


Art Journal

I've been wanting to create an art journal for a very long time but I haven't had much luck finding a book to use as the base for my journal. The reasons why ran the gambit from- to big, to small, to old, to new..... I finally came across a book to use, this little vintage darling of a book with an embossed cover titled, "I Dare You."I had bought a pop up book with cute animal pictures on every page, I just had to pull it apart to use in my journal. This page is called, "Life is a Circus." There are soooooo many layers of paint on these two pages... I glued two pages of the book together to make a nice canvas to work on. I found that painting on just one page of the book made the pages curl. I dug through my huge stash of Dresden trim to spell the word circus. I think it adds a nice little pop to the background. I think I'll be doing more work in my journal when the mood strikes me. It did take me a long time to finish just this one page.... I could have used a heat gun to speed things up, but I like the drying time too... gives me time to start yet another project! *wink*


Happy Birthday...

Today is my daughters birthday....she just closed escrow on her second home....Every single wall in her new home is going to be painted.... I get the easy job of watching her kids while they all work fixing up her new home....Another perk of being a Nana.....



I picked up this lovely old tin container, small storage bin and box of doilies and lace for only $4.00 for the lot. The container alone was a treasure, but inside... it was filled with buttons! Every hand full I pulled out had mother of pearl buttons in it. The plastic baggie is filled entirely with mother of pearl buttons from the tin container.... *joy* I love-love mother of pearl buttons! I also picked up some jewelry... and these too.....Fun shopping~ *wink*


Where This Blogger Creates....

Welcome to my studio!!
Has it been a year already? I had big BIG plans to get my studio looking over the top adorable, and time just ran out *wink* I guess I could start now for next year! If you didn't know this already... I live in the dust capital of the world, Fresno California....fine talcum powder dust all over every.thing.
I am torn between having things out and looking cute... and things put away, organized and dust free. I enlarged the labels on all of my bins of treasure since last year... now I can see them without my reading glasses on. *woot-woot* While cleaning my studio for this yearly event.... I got rid of 5 large bags of junk treasures. It is hard to believe that I need ALL OF THIS STUFF AND MORE to be able to create anything. I have my buttons close by in their own cabinet.... (I have more than this me...)What to do with all of these buttons??? Here is one fun idea I came up with...I did manage to bring in a huge three piece t.v. wall unit into the room, that was my goal from last year. It was no easy task...... I tried it once, and the wide middle piece wouldn't make the turn into the room. That night while trying to get to sleep---- I thought about it, and decided it would fit through the door if I cut the wooden t.v. unit in half. The next day, it was cut in half and pushed into the room and reassembled! You can see the other pieces of this unit on this slide show below...
2012 Artsy Fartsy Studio

Part 2 of my studio slide show.....

Between now and next years linky party, I am going to redo my studio's desk..... This is a very good working area, but not to cute. Next year, I'm shooting for over the top CAUTE!This is where I sit and do things like applique, bead work and where I look through books while I watch listen to the t.v. I always have some bling close by.... I have bins & bins of jewelry... and no matter how I look at some pieces of jewelry, I can't figure out what to do with them, until now. I picked up this wooden "Dream" sign for only $2.50 and now I simply hot glue pieces to it when I come across those "to good to toss out, but I can't use them" pieces. I use hot glue just in case I need to pry off some of the jewelry at a later date!
Thank you Karen of "My Desert Cottage" for hosting this years "Where Bloggers Create 2012" linky party! It is the only time of the year that my studio gets an extensive cleaning!
Big hugs~


Magpie trying to clean...

I've been busy trying to clean up my studio for this years "Where bloggers Create" linky party, which will be held this Saturday. *yikes* I got a little side tracked with all the blingy stuff I was handling so I had to sit a spell and create something.It was nice to poke through some of my forgotten hoard stash and play around....I've been putting printed labels on all of my storage boxes..... and was surprised that I had to print out so many labels that said "jewelry."Hooray for me!I also added some rhinestones to this little abalone shell. It doesn't look small in this photo, but it is only 3 inches long by 2 inches wide.I think I'll be making more of the little shell bowls... I am going to use this one on my nightstand to hold my earrings~



Even though its hotter than heck lately, I've been plodding along hitting some yard sales when I see them. I found this fabulous tiny-little foot locker that measures in at only 6" tall and 10 1/2" across. This little beauty with the skeleton key lock, set me back one whole bucker-rooo. The lock was sticking so they unscrewed it to see what was inside... I picked up some jewelry too--- slim pickings, but I never pass up religious pieces. I spotted a bag of pearl beads in a zip lock bag for .50¢ I was needing some "white" faux pearls for a piece of jewelry that was missing a few pearls and was to cute to just toss out. Well... I opened the bag when I got home... and WOWZERS.Real cultured pearls. *gasp* FIFTY CENTS??? I have eight carded pearls, that show the size & color & value of each pearl. I added up the estimated value off of each card and that alone totaled $237.00. In the zip lock bag there was another smaller bag filled with nine loose pearls. Those ranged in sizes of about 7.0 to 6.5 so each one could have a value of anywhere from $25 to $45. (I used to be into pearls big time) Oh my goodness.... that right there fuels the yard sale fires.



A group of my friends and I are all working on the same applique quilt. Well, that is, we are using the same pattern, but each of us are making our own quilt. I started a lot later than everyone else due to being busy with other things, and even though the quilt is adorable... it wasn't me. I know myself well enough to know that if I'm not liking it--- I won't work on it. With that said... I made it more to my personal liking. Here is a photo of a finished example of the quilt. The quilt calls for each of the appliques to be made on its own block.... that idea didn't sit well with me. I don't know why... Soooooooooo I calculated the blocks and then I cut one solid piece of fabric to applique the sweet treats to. The white background had my breaks on too... then I spotted some pink polka-dot fabric, and that had my foot full force on the pedal! Go-go-go...! The first one I worked on was the cupcakes. I used shabby chic fabric for the cupcake stand and a piece of pleated lace/ribbon as the cupcake paper. I decided to use some pink fleece as the frosting, and of course the cupcakes just had to have sprinkles! I knotted each bead on separately... Next I worked on the bowl of ice cream. I chose some slightly variegated pink fabric to replicate strawberry ice cream.. yum. I also added long beads for sprinkles... and a shiny silver spoon. I am still debating on if I want to put cherries on the cupcakes, if I do, I'll probably stick one on the ice cream too.
That is as far as I've gotten, I've finished two. The other girls are probably finished by now! This is my second applique quilt I have ever worked on... the first being the "Yo Gabba Gabba Quilt" I made about 5 years ago.