Pink Dangle Earrings

I've been rooting around in my stash of vintage beads. Its tough when you want to make something--- anything--- and your at a loss as to what to make.... Earrings are something fast to whip up to ease that angst of wanting to create.... I made a bunch of pink lovelies... These were all made from up-cycled jewelry pieces. I did use new ear wires and wire pins to build these earrings upon. This pair is super sweet... All of these earrings are for sale for $5 each.... coming soon to my etsy boutique.This set of earrings has the same shape as the pink beads above only smaller. They came off of the same vintage necklace I pulled apart.I wish I could come across some enameled beads that had more pink in them....Just a smidge of pink....These have a pink/peachy look to them. I used green vintage beads to pull out the green in the enameled beads...Seeing how September is right around the corner, that got me to thinking about blue stones... No where near being blue sapphire... but lovely just the same. I found two sets of old-old playing cards that I picked up at a tag sale for .50¢ They are from Germany, look at the beautiful graphics... I used a grommet punch to make small holes in the cards, then just slipped the ear wires through the cards. Makes for easy displaying... I think these would be fabulous with a blue-jean jacket with silver buttons....
I've linked up to How Sweet the Sounds " Pink Saturday" linky party.


Playing with Metal Tape

I made a sign for my grandsons bedroom door. Keeping with the car theme he wants for his bedroom, I made the sign look like it is made out of metal. I used yard and yards of metal tape to cover the letters of his name.... then yards more metal tape to cover a plank of wood to hold the letters... Here is a close up of all the detail that I pressed into the metal tape...I picked up five wooden picture frames at a second hand store for a few dollars....I covered those with metal tape as well.... perfect for holding photos of him at car shows and Monster Truck events....I hope he likes them~
Now, I have to make something for little Miss Chloe Rose!


Caute Bulletin Board

A few months ago I bought this fabulous large frame at a yard sale for $1. I've been keeping an eye out for a large bulletin board to use inside the frame... well, this past week I managed to find one! I only had to pay $1 for that as well~I used a razor blade to easily cut through the cork board that I had measured to fit inside the frame. I used spray adhesive to adhere the recently acquired free dark chocolate colored burlap. To attach the cork board to the frame, I used a generous amount of wood glue. I couldn't use hot glue as most of it would have set up before I got back around to the starting point. Isn't it fabulous?Sooooooooo caute! Not a bad $2 investment. The hardest part of this whole project is going to be finding a place to hang it. *wink*


Found Treasures

My daughter brought over two boxes of odds and ends that someone was throwing out in the trash. In one box there was several yards of different vintage fabric and a lot of colored burlap. The other box was full of cards. Most were newer (ok, from the 1970's) but there were some older vintage ones that I pulled out to keep... all smelled of smoke. *cough-cough*Amongst the discarded items were two smaller boxes.... one held the cutest little smooshed up baby shoes. The other? Photographs. Loving the tight curls on this gal! The year? 1969.....What do you do with old photographs?... I always make the ones I come across into tags...I imagine that little red head with the big ears was the wearer of those baby shoes. Peace~



I bought a binder full of plastic pockets at a thrift store for .50¢. You know the kind, four slots per page. Immediately I knew what I wanted to do with them.... cut them apart of course.With a paper cutter, I cut them in half and cut the side strip off. Next, I carefully cut down the sealed divider between each pocket with scissors. After all of that, I was left with fabulous thick plastic pouches. I went through my huge stash of vintage bingo cards to use inside each newly created "bag"... I inserted the bingo cards into each pouch and they become a perfect container to hold my spoon necklaces that I make. Makes them easier to transport too...This set... and this set are all being shipped to Texas.... At a later date, I would like to add some kinda topper that I can staple shut. That is going to have to take some thought, as there isn't a lot of plastic to grab onto without covering up the word "bingo" Alas, that is going to have to wait for another day... I see something glittery across the room and its calling my name. *wink*


San Juan Batista

This past weekend I went to the San Juan Batista antique street fair. We got up there super early and had no problem making our way from booth to booth. I got distracted by the beautiful old buildings that were the backdrops to the street booths... Cute, cute, cute.Tables and tables of bling... All kinds of fabulous blingy treasures...I get all of my old jewelry at yard sales and so I was very surprised to see what they were charging for their jewelry. *Yikes* Who knew?I was drawn to this pastel colored booth with the aprons hanging from her umbrella.I swooned at this table for awhile.... cute!This was my favorite display from the entire day. I am going to make one of these for my own jewelry, so of course, I had to snap a picture of hers... Those little round stamped labels were the price tags for some of the jewelry she had pinned to the burlap. Pricey! I pay about .25¢ each for the pieces I find. Here is another picture from the same booth... I fell in love with this black chandelier....This guy is here year after year selling his Pez toys and old jelly jar glasses...Everything looked like yard sale stuff to me, but with huge price tags! The only antique/vintage thing I spotted that I love-loved was this set of shutters with anchors cut into them. Caute!I did hit a bunch of yard sales that were being held all over town while the antique sale was going on. I was determined to buy some jewelry... and buy jewelry is exactly what I did! Its great to have lots of fun pieces to repurpose...I did find two sterling silver items... .10¢ each *big grin*It was a fun morning of shopping~