Felt Pirate Hats

I just finished making some felt pirate hats, they were so simply to make.... that I made a total of twenty....Are they not so adorable? Here is Chloe playing in one of the hats--- Jonathan wouldn't even stop playing long enough for a picture wearing HIS pirate hat! Here is Chloe, obviously annoyed that I wanted her to stop playing and look at me so I could take a picture of her wearing said hat.... lol... Nana's toys are always a big hit with the kids. One square of black felt makes one hat. You simply chalk the cutting line onto the felt, and cut out. I'm keeping the scraps, I'll show you what I'll make with all of those very soon! I've made these pirate hats to fit a group of four year olds--- using my grandsons head for measurement I cut pieces of 1/4 inch black elastic into 8 inch pieces. Obviously, you could lengthen or shorten the elastic if needed. You simply stitch the elastic onto each end of one of the hat pieces making what will look like a completed hat. On the second hat piece, you add the white trim around the top of the hat... and a skull and cross bone in the center. I used paper backed iron on fusible webbing on the back of the white felt. This made it easy to draw all of the skull and cross bones and the white trim pieces onto the felt to cut out. Once all of the white embellishments were cut out, I used my iron to fuse the pieces onto the black hats. Any piece that was not cooperating got the wrath of my glue gun! Once all the white pieces were added to each hat, the hats were ready for assembly. I pinned the decorated front of the pirate hat (with the white embellishments) to the back piece of the hat (with the elastic stitched to it) making sure it lined up nicely all around. I unpinned and glued one side of the hat, keeping the other side pinned, and ran some hot glue around the edges to adhere the two pieces together. Keeping it pinned together helps keep it aligned nicely while gluing. Thats it. Now you've got yourself a lovely felt pirate hat that any little pirate would be pleased to own. I also used this same method to make Chloe's birthday hat~Easy-peasy~


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Very cute idea, love the pirate hats! Also great how versatile it is, by using the same idea for birthday hats. Super cute!


  2. Well, those aaaaaarrrrrrrh
    adorable. Thanks for the tute!!

  3. Very cute, Cheryl! I will have to check back with your blog in a few years when my grandson is old enough to enjoy these things.

  4. These are so cute! Way better than the store bought stuff!

  5. cute hats cheryl!
    have a great weekend

  6. How cute! 20 hats... you are a sweet grandma! They turned out great. thanks for linking to my Share the Love Wednesday party!


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