First Place Find

I found this silver plated trophy for $1.25... I don't think the lid goes with it-- but its staying with the trophy. It looks very old like it was won in 1900--- but no, it was won in 1995.
This little puppy in a pink basket was $2.00. When you wind it up, it turns in the basket...all the while barking...Then it quickly spins back into the basket. Its super cute.I once had this very same toy only instead of a puppy it was a kitten.
Now, I'm on the hunt for the kitten in a basket.


Yard Sailing~

This past weekend I went to a mile long yard sale... Total I think I spent around $20.00... this antique plant stand was... wait for it... wait for it....A DOLLAR. score.


Spring yard work

I've been working in my backyard steadily for a few days in a row and things are starting to look so much better. Whew, it was touch and go there for awhile *wink* I decided to add some whiskey barrels to the yard this year. I forgot they burn the inside of the barrels--- by time I finished pushing and pulling them into place, I looked like I had a five o'clock shadow from all the black soot on my face.... arrrrgh..... I had my two grand kids plant some sunflowers in the yard as well. They are behind the wire fence to the right in this next photo. I purchased two kinds of sunflower seeds, the "Mammoth" seeds which will get to be six feet tall... and a new variety that is called "Strawberry Blonde" The Strawberry Blonde sunflowers are going to be a ROSE-PINK sunflower and will grow to be five feet tall. We're jazzed to see them blossom.I'm having a good time moving things around the yard. The metal things stay in the yard year round, and I bring out the silver things for only about a week once a year.The sloped area that once was the drive up onto our R.V. pad in our backyard was unusable space--- so I decided to build a pirate store next to our pirate ship on that spot. I had to lay a foundation of cement to bring it level and then I added some cinder blocks to that to create the one side wall that will be visable.... then I added a raised deck as the stores floor... and well... here it is in the "almost finished" stage. My grand daughter pointed to the walls and said, "I want the walls PINK.".... okokok... not a problem~ I've been pulling things left and right from around my yard-- and it appears she is going to have a "shabby chic" pirate store. At a yard sale this past Saturday I picked up a galvanized metal bird bath-$5, and a bucket and two wooden box/shelves for a total of $5 as well.I think my new treasures will fit in nicely in the backyard.


Keeping busy...

inside during this past week of rainy weather. It had gotten up into the 80's-- I was outdoors every day, it was LOVELY! Then a storm came in... and I had to come in... nuts. While hitting up some thrift stores, I purchased a bag of new foam insulator sleeves for soda cans, 30 for $3.00. I figured I could repurpose them into something.... I covered each one with a piece of burlap and then stenciled a skull onto each one.... that was fun. Next, I made a bunch of tags to be used on some party loot bags... I used laminate sample pieces as the base of each tag. I bought a decorators sample stash for $1.00 a while back. I covered each one with different map pieces and then I distressed the edges. I made over 50~Once that was all finished, I had nothing else to work on... so I went back and added a shiny piece of bling to each one. I drew and cut out (in the garage) another party prop... this one is "Jake" from the cartoon "Jake and the Never land Pirates" He has one coat of paint so far.... but...The weatherman said the rain is stopping and the sun is coming out tomorrow... just in time for weekend yard sales . *woot-woot*


Happy Easter

Today is a fabulous sun-shiney day here and we are out doors enjoying it fully! It is going to be in the 80's today. My dog is even sitting in the sun getting a little color...I hope everyone is enjoying their day as well....
Big hugs....
and a heart felt "Happy Easter" to everyone!


Pink Saturday

I decided to put some of the fairies that I have in my play room into some bird cages for this years yearly pirate party. I used some pink, green and baby blue shredded paper glued to some cardboard as the base to each little cage. I have five completed with another 4 more "barbie sized" fairies all needing to be caged. I have various smaller fairies all needing to be caged too. Those will have to wait for another day because the sun in shining and I'm heading out doors!Linked to "How Sweet the Sounds" Pink Saturday.



I dragged out my new camera and took some close up photos of some of the necklaces I made using old rosary beads and religious medals. This one has a beautiful "mother of pearl" cross as the center piece. I used two different rosaries and some pieces from a bracelet to create this one... The next necklace I made was out of a rosary with metal rose beads. It is my favorite.... some of the beads show a lot of wear on them and a few are tarnished or have a little rust on them. None the less.... its my fav~ I also made a charm bracelet with beads and religious medals...I really love-love this red rosary necklace too...
Another red rosary made into a necklace, these beads are smooth and give the piece a "1970's" feel...Eventually everything pictured will make it over to my etsy store.... $15.00 each ;-)