Covered Cushions-- done!

Well, I can cross off the cushion covers for the outdoor couch set off of my to do list.

I was all set to purchase outdoor fabric to cover the cushions but even at half price, I was looking at well over $200 bucks to cover them. So, I used the ol' stand-by.... canvas painters tarp. One $35 dollar tarp covered 9 cushions with left overs to boot!

I still need to paint the foot stool and the coffee table that match this set--- but for now--- here it is in all its glory.
I am so glad that huge project is behind me as I need to get ready for the show and sale I am participating in this Saturday. I started sewing a table cover that has rows and rows of ruffles on it. Well, ok to be truthful it only has one row of ruffles so far. Hmmmm do I really want to sit at my sewing machine and sew all that? Eh gawds... the thought of doing that makes me fussy!


Goofing around~

I have nine cushions I should be sewing covers for... instead I stitched up a colorful bunting for our pirate ship~
 This year I went with some bright reds--- polka dot and stripes~
 Then, I hung up some fish net curtains in the pirate store~
 Played with some pirate stuff~
 Stuck a wooden sea gull in a plant pot~ My husband found the life ring that says, "USS SHIP WRECK"
 Played in the pirate tattoo parlor. I got a huge bag full of rope for only .50¢.... score!
 Added some more sea shells to this bird bath~
 Anything to get out of sewing cushion covers! BoRiNg!!
big hugs,


Yarrrrghd Work

Last weekend I bought an old-old patio couch and chair set. My cat Pee-Wee and the neighbors cat Puss-Puss enjoy it very much. *wink* I bought some painters canvas to recover the cushions with, eventually.
 I've also been moving various pirate things around the yard. I never have the yard exactly the same from year to year.
 I bought a fabulous hammered fireplace bucket for only $2 at a yard sale today, the Cannas plant was only $3 at a yard sale as well. I guess if I really thought about it, practically everything in my yard came from a yard sale!
 Ahhhhhh look at Chum-Chum... what a love bug~
 Before you know it, it is going to be to hot to work in the yard. I am rushing to get everything in place before the heat comes to stay.
 big hugs,


Happy Birthday Banner

I love to rummage through old Halloween costumes at one of my favorite thrift stores. They have a huge selection all year long of fun outfits that I often times buy solely for the fabric. Recently, I came across a blue velvet two piece outfit that had gold thread applique across the bottom of the scalloped edge of the top. Upon first glance, I thought it looked very piratey and new I had to have it. The embroidery even has rhinestones throughout the design, its amazing. I bought the two piece outfit for $2.00.
I cut a large piece using the front of the shirt to create a birthday banner. I added white and black felt to spell out the words, "Arrrrrrgh, Happy Birthday"

I found a skull and crossbones online to use on the banner as well. No easy task, I tell ya. I have a huge-HUGE amount of flat backed rhinestones that I was able to use on this banner to add even more piratey magic. The elliptical shapes on the letters are black faceted rhinestones.... arrrrrrgh!

I wanted to hang the banner from a plastic sword, but it wasn't long enough. So, I simply cut it in half and extended the length of it by adding some foam core to the middle. I then glued the newly elongated sword to a long piece of 1x1 to give it some added strength.
big hugs,


Necklace Display

I was wanting some display pieces to hold some necklaces for next months show. I also wanted them to be able to lay flat so that they wouldn't take up to much room and would be easy to transport. I came with a simple "A" frame stand...
 I used foam core which I covered with a thin layer of batting and fabric.
 Once that was done, I poked holes through each side and fed some pink grograin ribbon through to help the frame stay open and not flop flat on the tabletop.
 Not only can I hang necklaces from these, but I can also poke pins through the foam core and hang earrings from them as well.
I have most of my jewelry on cards sealed in plastic, so this is something new for me to try.
big hugs,


Bang... bang....

bang.... two aspirins and a diet Pepsi and a whole lot of banging going on over here! I've signed up to do another art event where I am going to be selling my jewelry. I get so excited to do an event--- then when I've committed to do it, I go all-out-crazy to get things made to sell.

I've also banged/stamped on some spoon handles with the word "Mom" on them that I'm going to make into key chains. This event is being held right before Mothers day... I'm working every angle! The key chains I price at $3.00 each.

 Although, I do love my spoons~

You have to have a large variety of items and prices... I've also been whipping up a bunch of earrings using all vintage components, well--- except for the wire pins and the ear wires. These I sell for $1 to $3 and I sell a lot of them.

 I better get back to work, the event is less than a month away!