Faux Boxes

I am always on the look out for old wooden boxes to use in my back yard as pirate props.... I have a few old fruit boxes that I've picked up for a few bucks each, but I want a LOT more! Finding wooden boxes cheaply is hit and miss, some people think they are "antiques" and charge $10 each--- that is always good for a chuckle~ While driving past some curbside treasures a few weeks ago--- from a distance I could spy some wooden boxes. *gasp* Pull over quick! But alas... they were only drawers from a dresser.... But that immediately got me to thinkin'.... so I piled them in the back of our truck and took them home. Look at my fabulous new drawers boxes!

Here is a before photo of the rum boxes I made--- I simply flipped the drawers upside down and sprayed black paint along the edges and then tacked on sisal rope for some added detail. I made the stencils myself using card stock covered with packing tape. The hardest part of this project was stopping curbside and putting them in the truck..... *sigh*

I always want to throw my hands out and exclaim, "Don't any body panic, I am an artist--- I know what I'm doing." eiy-eiy-eiy... Normally, I just keep my head down and don't make eye contact with anyone! I guess in the end it is all worth it because I have some fabulous props for my yard. Here are some smaller boxes I made using small dresser drawers...
I think they are just to cute! I need MORE!!!
big hugs,


  1. You're so clever! What a marvelous idea!

  2. Oh this is so funny...I forgot to mention on my post that I keep my head down too lol!!! I love to find drawers, all sorts of fun things we can do with those! Loved your little mittens and your framed ring display! What do you use under the felt to get the ridges to put the ring in? I don't do jewelry, but I want to do a ring holder in a ceramic shoe that I have done broken china mosaic on. Thanks


  3. Cheryl, I saw your post and your photo of your rum boxes. We're having a Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween party and I was looking for some props. I made three rum boxes out of cardboard boxes. They look awesome. I want to thank you for your idea. Cheers Sandra


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