Spinning Necklace Display

Here is another item I revamped for my new "Woodland Fairy" themed booth for local selling events. This is my spinning necklace display that I've used for years, it now has a fairy vibe. Again, the colors shown are more exaggerated than how they look in person.
It was cute and very functional... but it was looking a little tired.  Vewwy-vewwy.... tired...  I'm talking "tired-tired"....

I added vines that had flowers, berries and fruit to the wheel where I would normally attach hanging necklaces to and used clips to attach carded necklaces to instead.
I think I'm going to prune the vine/flowers a bit to expose the wheel frame once again and hang the necklaces like I had in the past simply looped around the wheel. The black clips are fun, but I felt people were not looking to closely at what was hung from them. Although, it could have been that the necklaces where not that cute either.? Anywho~ I love how this turned out, I have one more that I am going to create a very similar look to. Then of course, I'm going to have to create a lot of necklaces to hang from it!


Tree stump Pedestals

I had created some tree stump pedestals for the successful event I had in March--- the colors look super garish, but honestly in real life they look super spot on with the colors you'd find in nature.

I made the pedestals stackable for easy transportation and of course for storing.I added burlap to the underside of each one..... So, not only do I have pedestals to showcase things at different levels when needed, I can also flip each one over and use it as a bowl!I really enjoyed having the "Woodland Fairy theme" during the three day event I was apart of... I am definitely going to keep building upon what I have already made and just add to it. I've got loads of ideas for next years event in March!