My first quilt~

I finally finished the "Yo Gabba-Gabba" quilt for my grandsons first Christmas (one of zillions of presents lol) The first attempt failed as the images of the show's characters I printed from my printer onto fabric ran when they got wet. Luckily I had just finished only one block when I found that out. Whew... I ended up making each block pieced by hand using various colors of flannel fabric. The black parts I used fleece fabric so it gives it a furry feel to it :-P I think it turned out kinda cute. I purchased a navy blue twin flat sheet from Walmart ($2.50, what a deal) to use as the backing of this quilt. I used my sewing machine to stitch the front to the backing stitching along the seams of the patchwork quilt. The backing I cut larger by two inches all the way around then ironed the edge in half then half again then I just pulled it to the front to make the quilts binding. I've never made a quilt before and I am very pleased at how this turned out.

I finally received the Steve Urkel doll (from the show Family Matters) that I bought off of e-bay. That doll I'm going to make into the shows main character "DJ Lance Rock" I've never made doll clothing either...wish me luck!



Well I finished the snowman & the cottage for the two swaps I joined. I also mailed away the second package in my 3 month swap to my partner Amy.... it was a bit tricky putting labels on everything. I did put the wrong address on two packages, luckily I think I got it straighted out. *fingers crossed lol*
So here is the snowman I made. It is standing on a snowy covered star surrounded by some fluffy garland that I thought looked like branches covered in ice & snow. The box it is atop of is the shipping box :-)
Here is the cottage I made. I think it is a little to "technical" I was constructing it like I would a mini house...and had to put the breaks on that since this was to be more "cutesie" It does have glitter on it...promise :-P
Sooooooo I wasn't "feeling" this to I made the cottage into more of a gift box. This way if the gal I made it for doesn't like it...she can give it away! Here is the cottage without the roof....yep, I bricked the floor~



I found at one of our local thrift stores a brand new/never opened kit to make 4 Snoopy Christmas ornaments. The kit was being sold for $1. When I was in 8th grade I had bought that very same kit which set me back about 7 bucks. It was weird making them as I remembered making them way "back-in-the-day" lol I found out my son in law's favorite cartoon character is Snoopy, so this Christmas...its all about "Snoopy" for him.
Below is a photo of the 5 monsters from the show "Yo Gabba-Gabba" Since they do not sell toys from this show (yet) I've had to make my own so my grandson can have them for Christmas. When I was sewing the seams I added a ribbon folded over so I could attach rings to each one. I think they turned out super cute. I've been searching for a doll to be the main character "DJ Lance Rock" but I've had no I went to E-bay and purchased a Steve Urkel doll (vintage, still new in the box) for $10 buckeroos. I'm delighted! I can't wait until the doll arrives so I can get busy making his outfit!!!

The monsters were super easy to make. On Nick they had some printables from the show. They were suppossed to be printed on paper to be used as puppets.....Well....I adhered white fabric to card stock using spray adhesive and sent it through my printer. Then I pulled it off the paper backing, cut them out and stitched them up :-) They are so cute! I printed out some other Yo Gabba-Gabba things and I'm going to make a quilt as well :-P


Yo Gabba-Gabba

My grandson, who is all of 7 months old, loves the show "Yo Gabba-Gabba" Evidently, they do not sell toys from that I'm going to buy a doll and dress it up like the shows main character DJ Lance Rock. Should be fun/funny. I've searched all over for an Africian baby doll but have had no luck, I'm amazed.
Here is my little love-bug dressed as a pirate- he is the only kid on the planet who didn't tug on his hat. He perfers the stately effect a hat gives him lol
Click on the side link on the right to see the Yo Gabba-Gabba things I've made!!



Lulu has been adding to her ever-growing collection of pearls and what-nots. The little nutter is going to have to get a bigger shell if she is not careful!


I finished up the swag I was making for my swap partner Amy. I found out she is going to be having a baby at the end of I'm thinking I want to make her a "baby" swag as well :-) I am so happy for her! I also worked up some "pirate" swags for my grandson's first birthday. I have yet to string them together as I'm unsure if I want keep it all solid black or add another color.... still thinking on that.
Well here is my little house that I'm making for the cute cottage swap. So far so good. I used 60 grit sand paper for the roofs shingles. I am unsure about the steps, I may go a whole different look.
I am making it so that the roof can come off so you can see inside. I've lined the inside of the house, and I made a brick floor as well. I have in mind to have one of my baby fairies take up residence in this little cottage. I am anxious to complete it so I can add the glitter and snow and see it in all its glory :-)
Here is little Harry sitting and contemplating life~and this little cherub is Margaret~


Newest swap~

Been creating a little. This is Pete, here he sits with a handful of "weed" seeds waiting for just the right time to flutter over your garden when your not looking to cast them amongst your flowers. He is such a stinker!
This is Lulu, she loves her pearls. She collects pearls from broken strands and ever so carefully adds them to her ever growing stash~Been busy....doing nothing of tremendous importance, just busy. I did join a new swap hosted by Rosalyn-Sue it is called "Charming Cottage Swap." Sounds delightful. My partner is Laura, it seems we have similar that should make it easy. *fingers crossed :-P*
In the past I've made a lot of models for the theatre to be used as examples of how I wanted a stage set..... this is along those lines, but I'm not going to the trouble of exacting measurements lol....those days are long gone! Here is a little mock up I made, doesn't look like much now, but when all the "goop" gets added to it, I suspect it will look pretty darn cute....or else, I'll start again! Maybe this will get me working on my miniature tree house I've been procrastinating with!
Here is my latest purchase. The very tall shelf unit that was only $15 buckeroos. It is missing the glass shelves, but it has about a 2 inch lip around each shelf and that holds things for now. It has a light at the top that shines down....pretty neat. I also got some vintage party hats for 10 cents. They are so darn cute, I got 4! My past fabulous finds: the lamp *free* the yellow drawers $1 buck, the antique mirror @2 bucks, chair *free* cat *free* lol....ok, almost a hundred to spay her!