Tree House

It has been busy couple of months transforming our grand kids play yard into something more functional. They really didn't play out there anymore anyways... and the upkeep was far more than I wanted to do... Here is the before photo I took when I initially made this area, before the grass grew.

 Here is the after....

I took down the fence that separated the backyard from the side yard and completely decked the entire area. Zero to low maintenance is my ultimate goal. I nailed lattice to the fence and planted ivy and thorn-less climbing white roses to match the existing fence this is now connected to. I've got the chairs all lined up for a party~
 We also bought two matching gazebos to go in this area. With the new deck added it raises up this area about two feet. The low branches from the trees that are in the front yard makes it feels like your in a tree house. Its really cool :-)

The fountain that was existing in this area seems smaller now that the deck is up higher. I am going to add some plastic fish to the fountains base so that the grand kids can fish in there.

I've also been playing with some different pirate things around the yard... sea shells & nets...
 Staining barrels, hosing off dusty things...

 I picked up two smaller barrels that I'm going to use for trash cans. You can see those in the lower right hand corner of this next photo.
 Lastly, a photo of my two boys, Pee Wee and Chumley. They were looking straight at me until the wind blew a few leaves off to the left and of course they just had to look to see what was going on!
If you know anything about cats, you know they only give you one chance to get that purr-fect photo then they are off and exploring the world.
big hugs,


Beautiful Weather for Sailing

That be Yarrrr'd sailing me hearties! This past weekend, after a long-long walk down a humungous block sale that was rather disappointing... I made my way out to our local swap meet. I always find some do-dad I didn't know I needed until I've see it. We have built up quite a re-pore with some of the sellers out there... one guy who is quite a character sells to us regularly. This past weekend was no exception. We chatted while I walked over to a jewelry box he had on his table. He wanted $20 for the entire box, I got it for $10.... I really wanted it for $5.... *wink*
My husband spotted a metal pulley with chains laying on the ground. He was asking $20 for the pulley... I immediately wanted it, but he didn't need to know that. I told him we'd finish up the swap meet and come back later if we decided we wanted it.... that gets him every time! He offered to flip a coin right then and there and if it landed on what I called, I could get it for $10... if it didn't, I had to pay what he wanted ----$20. I was willing to pay him $20--- but he didn't need to know that either! I called heads--- it landed on heads! Eeeek! $10 and that baby is mine! Just look at this beauty!

It is a double pulley that is hoisted with a chain doubled back on itself. Its really cool... I've been searching online about any information I can find on it--- it does come up as an antique.... Everyone that I have seen online for sale is just the bottom pulley sold by itself with no chain for $50. I think I got a good deal and more importantly it looks super cute with all my other pirate stuff in my backyarrr'd~
big hugs,


Nineteen days...

and counting until I've got to get everything pulled together for this years pirate party. I've gotten the invitations made and labeled to be passed out this week. I made a total of 30...

I also made some medals to pass out to the best dressed pirates. I used dollar store medals which I simply glued large rhinestone babbles on the base to pirate them up a bit...

I also bought a bag of twelve paddle balls for only $1.00 recently...
The instant I saw them I wanted to make them over into something "piratey"... so I did just that...

 I also added a pirate skull cap to a singing/animated stuffed animal...
yes, I'm goofing off....
big hugs~


Bottoms Up!

Even though this past weekend was a busy one for me, I did manage to hit a couple of yard sales. I was lucky enough to come across this red bull drink display stand for only $10.00. I was wanting something just like this to hold drinks in our backyard when we have parties. I have a really large standing/rolling ice chest that opens from the top--- but I was wanting something that would fit into our backyard pirate theme.

So, with that in mind I set out to transform it from Red Bull to Piratey fun! I easily pulled off the printed graphic on the outside of the drink display and wrapped some bamboo fencing to fit around the circumference. I used some rope wrapped around the bamboo to hold it all in place. Soooo Gilligan's Island right?
I love-love-love the clear lid on the top... I think at some point I'll add a vinyl skull and cross bones to the lid. But for now, it'll do...

I also picked up a fabulous wooden sea gull for only $1.00... and this metal hook/pulley for $6.00... happily, things are coming together!

big hugs,


Ruffled Tablecloth

*UPDATE*.... The event I was selling at this past weekend was theeeeee worst ever! It was laughable--- which I did a lot of! Oh well... at least the money I spent for the "space" will provide some income to the small business that is trying to eek out a business for herself. I did have a few sales and met some very nice people so the day wasn't a total waste of time!

I finished the ruffled tablecloth I was wanting to make for this weekends sale. *big sigh of relief*

 I used white sheets that I tore into various sizes then ruffled. I then stitched the ruffles onto a piece of fabric that goes around the table completely. I blogged about how to make easy ruffles here.
 I figured if I was committing to making a ruffled tablecloth, I might as well commit completely and do the entire skirt of the tablecloth, front, sides and back. My initial thought for the table top fabric piece was to use a piece of a quilt I had previously cut apart--- but I just couldn't bring myself to use it for this project. Luckily, I had in my fabric stash some ruched fabric that I picked up for a couple of bucks about a month ago. I love the look of the elegant ruched fabric with the shabbiness of the ruffles. Love-love-love it!

 I centered the seams of the tables skirt in the center of the table and left them un-stitched. I can either have it with the opening in the back for easy access to supplies, boxes and bags.... or pull the skirt open for a dramatic focal point to showcase something under the table.
I think it turned out rather well.... but I am definitely  ruffled out for quite some time...

I had one last fitting of the table cloth on the table before packing it up... and wouldn't you know it? The little stinker....

big hugs,