Happy New Year~

Hmmm new year/new resolutions.... Lets look it up... res·o·lu·tion: a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something. Ok, so its nothing set in stone, its just a "determination"...whew, takes some pressure off! I could start off with the usual ones like lose weight, be a better person...but thats a daily RESOLUTION lol So here goes:
  • open an etsy store
  • paint my '66 mustang
  • paint my '64 falcon truck too
  • try to make my house look more "romantic" (chez fifi your a bad infleunce on me! okokok, in a good way)
  • use supplies I already have
  • take more trips

Well thats a good start~ at least it LOOKS like I'm determined to change things up a bit, especially when you put those little bullets next to your list!


Lil' Monkey

I came across this cute little monkey and I thought it would make a cute little pirate~
Now I'm looking for a plastic bananna so he has something to hold in his hand. The little shirt reads "arrr... change me booty" I thought this was appropriate since its my grandson's FIRST birthday lol
My DH finally showed me how to solder. I told him my brand new soldering iron was broken... he proved to me that I was wrong and showed me how to use it. I told him how happy and excited I was to know how to use it properly now...and he said to me "I'm excited too, because I know you'll make something great." Now, how sweet is that?


Play date~

Today is my "play-date" day with my bestest buddy Nellrene. Even though its freezing outside...and raining... I'm going. Am I insane or what?

Well I blew out my shoulder painting. Ok, not exactly "painting"...but lifting a wooden book case on top of my kitchen table so I could paint it. lol It is surprising how much I use my left arm/hand seeing how I am right handed. I've just some finishing touches and then I'm going to have my DH take if off the table...down the hall... and place it on top of my work table in my studio :-) Piece of cake for him lol

I've been soldering. I was thinking it wasn't looking all that good until I compared it to other peoples soldering. lol I am still wanting it to be a little smoother. Hopefully over time I can figure it out. Don't even get me started on what a booger it is to attach jump rings... sheesh!

I've been gathering things so I can start working on my grandsons first birthday party. I was able to get 6 heavy duty cardboard tubes (from the fabric store) I am going to make them into something that resembles (hopefully) a ships mast. I want to have those on top of the tables so I can string the rope & swags from them. I've only got 4 months...I better start working on it all!

I've been thinking about my New Year's resolutions. I've got a bunch~ all the usual ones plus I'm wanting to learn how to paint roses :-) I've bought two "how-to books" so I'm all set. Now I just have to do it, thats going to be the hard part!



What the heck is this? This was NOT on my list, I can't stick this huge remote control car in my mouth...
Ohhhhhhh daddy got me this... so HE could play with it! Now, I love it!

Merry Christmas

to all my blog buddies. I hope this Christmas brings you much joy and love.... oh, and loads of fabulous gifts as well lol ~Cheryl


100th post~

Today I spent most of the day waiting on the cable The big ol' dummy kept driving past the house, I saw him! At least the time wasn't wasted. I spent a good portion of that idle time baking :-) Years past I would bake for a whole week straight. I've since cut out all that nonsense lol. So I was tweeking two recipes that are not up to snuff. One is a recipe for chocolate cookie muffins and the other was bananna muffins. I made the chocolate cookie recipe a little better...but the bananna recipe..I dunno. Its edible but not so "bananna breadish" which I LoVe~I've been working a little in my studio. I have been putting copper foil around some scrabble tiles. I'm doing the words "Artsy Fartsy" I'm making indivdual charms and I'm going to hang them from little pins on the door to my studio. Should be cute. I read a suggestion that you should purchase a copper sink scrubby to clean off your solder tip while working. Maybe that will help the solder flow better? I'm going to try it~ (p.s. photo was taken from the web, I'm soooooo lazy~)


Wrapping it up~

Well I finished all the items I was wanting to make for everyone's Christmas. I am still wanting to make a red scalloped table cloth for my kitchen table.... along with a new dog coat for my dog Buddy. Maybe tomorrow I'll get started on that table cloth! Most everything is wrapped up for Christmas, there isn't enough room under the tree for all the gifts. So I have them all over the living room & den. I keep buying more each day. My feeling is, if you got the money and you've got the energy & time buy-buy-buy-buy-buy! I bought my husband a new wedding band (his old one is coming up on 25 years old) I also got him an air compressor (he is just going to be over the moon with that!) I still want to get him some other odds & ends. I figured I had better get him some "high-end" items as our grandson is getting bazillions of gifts.... don't want grandpa getting jealous lol

Today I hit a couple of boutiques. I bought two scrabble games at the same store... $4 bucks for both. I also bought 200 yards of brand new green grosgrain ribbon....$5 bucks. I have no idea what to do with all that ribbon. (that along with the 800 yards of black grosgrain ribbon I bought months back lol) I've got all kinds of ideas for making things for maybe next year!



Well, I've been at it again.... making more "Yo Gabba-Gabba" stuff for my grandson! This time I've made the 5 little "monsters" that are in the show. I think they turned out pretty cute.


One down....

I've gotten one more present for this Christmas season finished. This is the Steve Urkel doll I purchased off of e-bay for $20. I needed a skinny boy doll that wears glasses and is of the African decent to be recreated into the main character of the show "Yo Gabba-Gabba" (so I can be my 7 month old grandson's HERO) What a perfect doll to do just that!It only took me one day of goofing around with the fabric and doll to come up with this. I am pleased with the results~ I prewashed the fabric and I put in a zipper in the back so it can get washed... as babies tend to drool a lot lol.Here is what the character looks like....
Here is the doll in the box. I glued paper and pictures from the show to the outside to jazz it up a bit. Now I'm off to wrap it up!