Cheerleader Candy Canes

My 8 year old grandaughter is a cheerleader at her school. I thought I would whip up a few candy cane creations for her to pass out to her fellow cheerleaders.... um, there are 48 cheerleaders and 2 coaches. I thought maybe there would be like, 25ish... no. I was needing to make 50. laughing~
So, here are fifty cheerleader candy-cane-creations wearing a very close copy of the cheer outfits that they wear... complete with pom poms and a blue ribbon on each ponytail.

I hope my grandaughter enjoys passing them out and that the girls like them :-)
 These were fun to make.... but I'm glad they are all finished!
 I've got to get my studio in order and get cracking making some jewelry pieces for this upcoming year to sell. I have an opportunity to sell every month of the year at a venue at one of the clubs I belong to.
Of course saying that... I'm already thinking... Valentines day is fast approaching, what can I make!
big hugs,


Santa Candy Canes

Here is this year's candy cane creation I've come up with for my two grandkids to pass out to their friends... Santa Claus!
 I added a little brass bell to each Santa's hat....

 Once all the faces were created it was just a matter of cutting out the red outfits and assembling each Santa.
 Lots and lots of Santas....
 Sixty candy cane Santa's in all!
 Here they are all bundled up and ready for delivery.
Here are my candy cane creations from years past....
Candy Cane Reindeer.....
I am wanting to whip up something for my grandaughter to pass out to her cheerleading friends... (she is 8 and a cheerleader, super cute!) I better get busy as the schools winter vacation is fast approaching!
big hugs,