Candy Cane Christmas Soldiers

This year I decided to create Candy Cane Christmas Soldiers for my two grandkids to take to school to share with their classmates.

I made piles of the components needed to mass produce the soldiers and then just cranked them out.

Sixty Candy Cane Soldiers-- done.
Last year I made Candy cane Reindeer... those were fun.
The year before that Candy cane Elves.... eek... so cute!
Now, I must address the piles and piles of presents I've bought and need to wrap. Blah. I love the buying part--- the wrapping part.... not. so. much.
big hugs,



I've been rather lucky finding treasure lately. I bought a bag full of black velvet necklace displays for $3.00....
Pinned to one of them was six silver pendants with a price tag of $10.00 each. Cool...

Of course, the usual pirate treasure is always on my radar... arrrrggggh~
I thought this block of wood with gun cut outs in it was a hoot... for a dollar it had to come home with me.
I love the metal basin in the back.... I think that was $1.00.
The silver candlesticks are marked "silver".... but who knows. For now they will reside in my backyard.
You can never have to many silver odds and ends and beads when your trying to stage a pirate yard.
I got all of this for only $6.00. The brass round container was a great find, it is really unusual. I've got my yard prepared for the most part for the upcoming winter. Now, I've turned my attention to creating some more doll clothing for my grandaughter's Disney Animator dolls... but the patterns I've made and the cryptic notes I made to myself all seem to be in a different language. I have come to the conclusion that I've just got to stop "winging" it-- and jot down clearer instructions to myself or else I'm going to have to rework the patterns every. single. time. Best get back to the jumbled notes and pieces of patterns I thought I could remember went with what... eiy-eiy-eiy...
big hugs,


Glittered Tulle

I've been trying to come up with some ideas on what to make with all of this glittered tulle I've recently acquired. The bulk of it is in a huge box in my garage.
This tulle has one finished edge, I think it was intended to be used as little skirts on plush teddy bears.... I took it knowing that I could find something to make with it. Hmmm I think this is how hoarding starts. *sigh* Anywho~ I cut off strips of about 24 inches and hand cut the finished edge off of the one side, wrapped the long piece of tulle around my fingers and created a pom-pom. I tied it together using some thin ribbon and then I hot glued an old vintage earring to the centers. I added a hair clip and some felt to the backside to create...
hair bows!
*Takes a bow*  Yes, yes... a little garish--- but they look so cute plopped on the head of a little kid. Yep, I've got some mad skills, mad skills....
I've got yards and yards... and yards of this beautiful tulle. I'm thinking of making some pom-pom garlands, that would be adorable. Must jot that idea down on my to do list!
big hugs,