Outdoor Cat Bed For Winter

It has been getting so cold and rainy lately that I wanted a warm place for my outside kitties to hang out if they got caught in the rain. I ended up making two cat beds.... although one won't use it at all! At least it is there if ever he decides to.
They were super easy to make, and super cheap too. I just cut a good size hole in the side of a plastic tub and lined the entire thing with some Styrofoam. You can buy different thicknesses of Styrofoam from Home Depot. This particular sheet ran around $8.00. If I remember correctly, it was about 4' x 6' in size... and gave me enough to create two with a lot left over.  After I cut the opening, I thought it was a little to big. Luckily, I had an extra foam pipe cover in the garage so I used that to adhere to the opening to make it smaller. The two edges of the foam pipe cover had adhesive on it so it attached firmly to the plastic tub easily.

The next thing I did was to measure the inside of the tub and cut the Styrofoam to fit.

 I joined the seams of the Styrofoam using wood skewers. I just pushed the skewer in about 3 inches and snipped off the excess.
I used a blanket that one of the cats had been sleeping on so it was familiar to her...
I laid a piece of Styrofoam on top so it would be easy to access the inside at a later date for cleaning. Lastly, I popped on the plastic tub lid and it was finished.
Puss-Puss took to it right away.
Bear was insulted...
I put my hand inside the one my cat Puss-Puss was sleeping in... it was like a sauna, like a sweat box. Nice and toasty :-)
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  1. What a great idea. Looks like it will be pretty easy to keep clean too. Maybe when it gets very cold, Bear will like it a little better.

  2. Puss Puss has that smart-girl Lizzie kind of look! Yes, no wonder she took to it! I hope Bear will join in. It's an awfully good idea for outdoor cats!

  3. That is ingenious! That doesn't surprise me, coming from you...You always have fabulous ideas!

  4. Wow...Love the whole thing. Lucky Kittys!!! Wonder If I could find a tote big enough for a 85 lb dog? lol

  5. Very nice! We have a similar bed for our cat on the back porch. There's enough hair in there to make a cat wig... Any ideas? Lol!

  6. Very nice! We have a similar bed for our cat on the back porch. There's enough hair in there to make a cat wig... Any ideas? Lol!

  7. OH MY word what a great and creative outdoor bed for the kitties. They will have a toasty winter for sure
    Hugs madi ad mom

  8. Hi Cheryl, What an amazing idea for making a kitty bed for outside. They will stay toasty warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing and also for stopping by and your kind comment. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  9. Great idea..nice job..A family member uses heat lamps for her outside animals.. Have a Merry Christmas..

  10. That is pretty cool...thanks for visiting me. Hey---ask Puss Puss can we borrow that---(giggling)--our furnace is out/kaput (more giggling). Sigh....

    Merry Christmas and many holiday Blessings to you.

  11. That is a good way to do it...daughter did something similar.

  12. That's a clever idea for the cat..

  13. Love this idea! there is a stray that has been around here for a while and I worry about her getting cold this winter.. maybe I should do this.. though my husband does not want me to make friends with her! lol!
    have a great day and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  14. So very creative, and nicely done, our cats were total inside cats, they would go out with us on the deck every now and then, glad at least one of them liked their new home, I am sure the other one will take to it eventually :)

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  16. Temps will be dropping soon. We have been adopted by 5 strays. That's a great idea and our tribe will love it.


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