Time to Purge

I've been so bored lately, so I figured I'd go through my studio hoping to find something to inspire me to create- something... anything. I did come across a lot of things, unopened or literally only used once... Nothing motivated me to create with it. So, that inspired me... to purge. I did take a good long look at these things.... they look like fun, but I decided I don't need 'em. Tons and tons of these, I've never used any of them.....  The one on top peeked my interest, but I got over that and added it to the pile of things to get rid of. I think it makes a container???  A bunch of templates. More templates to create mini books.A lot of envelope templates. Not going to lie, I love envelope templates. I guess it is bordering on an obsession by the looks of my collection. I got some pretty crazy templates along with the patterns for the cards too. Old school alphabet tracers... Then I went through a bin of sewing kits...These looked like fun once upon a time... I used to LOVE to cross stitch.  A lot of these came attached to magazines as a little gift with purchase. I've got several duplicates...I think these were a little gift from a magazine too...I think I've come to the realization that I'm more of a shopper than a crafter. I've got a plastic tub that I'm going to add these things to and reopen my Etsy shop one of these days! That might be something to spend some time working on! I hear a lot of people are not happy with the reviews they are receiving due to the slow shipping delays- due to the pandemic. I'm not in a hurry to reopen-- so in the mean time, I'll just keep searching for something to peek my interest and purge what doesn't!