Ice Resin

I tried using ice resin for the first time... I'm smitten. I used a piece of an 1890's bible along with a Holy Cross and some pink rhinestone to create this piece below. I've let the rhinestones sit a little higher than the resin itself... I think this makes them a little more sparkly. 
 I used the double syringe ice resin which seemed to work nicely. Here you can see the rhinestones under the resin. Rhinestones above the resin are more sparkly~
The ice resin was fun to use....BUT..... when I went to use the remaining amount in the tubes the next day-- the finished hardened resin on the other pendents I made was tacky to the touch... so more ice resin is needed to seal the stickiness. eiy-eiy-eiy... I am sure it is a ploy to get you to buy more. *snort* Which is what I'm going to have to do. Drat, another trip to the craft store. *wink*
big hugs,


Weekend Treasures.....

It was a fun treasure hunting weekend for me this past weekend. Look at the cute as can be little barrel with a lid I found. It has a small plastic container inside it so it would be perfect to hold some iced drinks.
 I didn't have high hopes of finding any treasures seeing how there wasn't a lot of vendors selling.... 
I was happily wrong. There were treasures everywhere.
My husband scored all of this below... The skulls were a nice find.
I've been on the look out for more "Moroccan" decor for my yard. I scored these two lanterns for $3.00 each.
I have a large collection of wire trees, so when I spotted this one, I just had to have it. The leaves on the tree are made out of sea shells... I may pull some off and use them to create some sort of necklace--- one of these days. But for now, its just sitting in my yard *wink*

I seem to always find lanterns of some sort...

Some other odds and ends to round out the treasure hunt. The metal urn is a new favorite. I love the look of pearl necklaces spilling out of it.
I have a lot of fun hunting for treasures on the weekend, but the fun doubles when I get home and get to use it in my yard!
big hugs,