Patio Makeover

I have a large brick patio at the front of my house that had previously been an area filled in with plants and a ginormous stone pine tree planted in the center of it all. The plants had seen better days and the stone pine tree was a hazard just waiting to it was all removed. I laid the bricks myself many-many years ago, nothing fancy, just a quick way to cover the dirt area. Recently, I've noticed the area was needing to be spruced up a bit.... it was looking pretty ratty. I decided to pull up all of the brick and relay it. I had planned on purchasing plastic molds you lay on the ground and simply lay your brick in them and it spaces them perfectly... but upon ready the reviews of this product, quickly realized it wouldn't work for me because all of my brick are different sizes. Some are really old clay bricks, a lot are newer tumbled kinda-clay but not really brick... all different sizes. Bummer. I kept poking around the internet and read that you can use a small spacer between each brick to over come the different sizes of brick. Brilliant! I cut a few pieces of lattice and used that between the bricks, so far so good! I'm also running drip system tubing under the brick while I'm at it.
Here is the previous running pattern that was laid super close together. It looks ok in this particular area, but as you look further into the patio area the lines start getting crooked due to the different types and sizes of bricks.
This is the look I was going for, much better. Not only was the brick size a problem, but the area was in desperate need of sand to build it up. I used twenty three bags..... wha'?..... I started with four bags thinking--- eek, I bought to much!... Yep, twenty three bags to make it level.
While relaying the brick, I decided to pull out the rose bushes I had against the house and make the planter narrower... and make a diamond grid on the wall and grow Star Jasmine up the diamonds. I measured the wall space and drew my plans onto paper and then transferred the lines to the wall with chalk. Here you can see the lines below....
 I had tick marks on the wall--- and free handing the lines wasn't cutting it, so I used a long 1 x 4 board as a ruler to get straighter lines. I had to get my hubs to draw the tall bits!
We drilled holes into the stucco and put in screws and attached the new trellis with wire. Oh.My.Goodness. Starting to look so good already!! I went in one direction at first.... *swoon*
 Then I had to cut the other directional wire and fit it together in the center to create a nice looking center to each diamond.... easy-peasy... but a little time consuming.
 Of course, I couldn't wait to plant the Star of Jasmine plants along the new diamond trellis! I had bought four and only planted two so far as I didn't want to plant one in full sun. The other plant will have to wait for next weekend when I complete the last diamond shape. I am needing to add some wood trim around the window first-- always something to slow me down! But here is what I had envisioned:
What did I used to create this wire trellis you ask? Can you guess??? It is a 2-1/2" x 10' metal corner bead. This is normally placed on the corners of houses during construction and then they cover it with cement/stucco to create a nice strong corner to the house. I had spotted this years ago at the hardware store and thought it would make a cute trellis and it does! (I spray painted it black)
The front patio is far from being completed. I don't know about you, but working around my house is like standing dominoes in a row... you change one thing... then have to change something else.... then you might was well do something over there too. Eiy-eiy-eiy....I guess I should rename this post, "Starting my Patio Makeover."
big hugs,