Playing with paper~

I made this little gift card holder recently. I tell ya, it was like pulling teeth for me to work on it.... its hard to put any effort into something knowing full well its going to be thrown away the first chance they get..... Anywho, I took two vintage bingo cards, distressed them... tore one and glued it on top of the other to make a pocket to hold a gift card... I had plans to do much-much more to this piece... but you know...I used an existing pocket envelope that I embellished with vintage lace and 3 tissue paper flowers that I made using a vintage dress pattern. The bingo card slipped in perfectly~The hardest part was essentially tossing in the garbage using 3 mother of pearl buttons and a piece of vintage lace... cause YOU KNOW..... it IS going in the trash.... *sigh*.... I think I need to go drape some vintage lace around my neck and run my hands through some of my buttons now~


Mad Hatter's Tea Party~

Dear sweet little Alice decided to leave her lovely little cottage to take a long stroll through the woods by her home.It was a lovely spring-like day, perfect for a walk. It seemed like the flowers she saw growing wild amongst the trees were swaying as if dancing to the birds singing their lovely tunes in the tree tops above her. Something off in the distance made Alice quicken her pace. "Whats this?" Alice said out loud-- which was silly because Alice was all alone. "Sit, eat, enjoy yourself" was the reply. Alice was wondering to herself... self-- did you say "Sit, eat, enjoy yourself?" Again, she heard the purring voice say, "Sit down girl, eat some food, enjoy yourself." Looking quickly around, Alice spied a striped cat sitting on a branch of a tree... surely that cat didn't say all of that. "Hello girl, I am a cheshire cat... I've invited you to sit at this lovely table that is set before you.There are yummy cookies and a delightful sweet cranberry tea that is of the highest quality made by fairies that live in this area.Alice was befuddled. Everything was so out of the ordinary that it made dear sweet little Alice dizzy... so, dear sweet little Alice pulled out a chair and sat down. Surely this wasn't meant for her! Know one knew she was going for a walk today, or that she would end up taking this very path-- not even Alice knew herself. Looking at the table set before her she was quite suprised at the spread that was laid out before her. Cranberry tea that smelled like a boutique of sweet roses, next to a plate of sugar cookies piled high. Alice could only image how great it all would taste. "Please help yourself to whatever is your hearts desire, I must go curl up in a sunny spot and take a nap." And with that, the cheshire cat sashayed away flicking his tail to and fro as his huge belly sashayed in the opposite direction as his tail. It was all Alice could do but laugh at the cat as he walked away.
As dear sweet little Alice settled down from such a happy-funny sight she felt much more comfortable with her surroundings and now the idea of a table set with such yumminess in the middle of nowhere wasn't so unbelieveable. Dear sweet little Alice grabbed a few cookies and set them on the plate in front of her and then poured herself a cup of the cranberry tea. Without even a taste, she added four sugar cubes for good measure. Within a few bites of a sweet sugar cookie, dear sweet little Alice felt the weight of someone staring at her. She twirled around in her chair out of fear and embarrasment and set her eyes upon a dear sweet little fella wearing a odd looking hat. A startled Alice spoke in a soft voice, "Oh, my-- hello... is this your table set so beautifully that I was invited to sit at?" The little fella stepped right up to Alice and replied, "Yes, please sit and if you don't mind, I'll join you for some riparian refreshments." The two fell into a happy conversation as they both enjoyed the cookies and the sweet cranberry tea. Without hesitation the sweet fella hopped to his feet to get somemore cranberry tea....Alice being the inquisitive girl that she was, asked the fella, "Why wear such a big hat if you have to hold onto it all the time?" With down cast eyes, the fella wearing the huge hat confessed to Alice.... "I'm addicted to sweets." "I use this big hat to carry the large gumdrops that I grow in my garden."

Alice knew she could help out this nice fella who was addicted to sweets, for she knew that addiction herself..... "You don't have to use your hat silly," said Alice as she laughed with a solution. She spied a large basket that would serve the purpose well! The nice fella was overjoyed with the thought of having such a large basket to carry his sweet-sweet gumdrops.
Alice was happy to help her neighbor... then she got an idea! "If you love sweets, and I love sweets.... I betcha everybody would like some sweets!"
Alice, noticing the time, told the fella she would be back the next day.Alice took one of the fella's gumdrops home... she had a plan.The next day she informed the fella that they had to wash all of the gumdrops that he had collected... she had come up with a plan! With my Nana's recipe for chocolate chip cookies and these huge sweet gumdrops... hmmmmm...And now you know the rest of the story~
If you wish to partake in more tea party merriment... please visit Vanessa's blog "A Fanciful Twist" for a linky list of all those participating this year.


Pirate stuff...

I finished making more pirate things..... I finished up the first, second and third place trophys for best dressed. Here is the first place trophy~Here are all 3 trophys.... first is gold, second is silver and third place is bronze~I really love how the metallic spray paint started to melt the plastic on the trophys ever so slightly.... neat-o huh? Once the paint was dry, I dry brushed on some black paint to bring out the texture the spray paint created. I printed out the first, second & third onto cardstock and then tore, painted and scrolled each one then hot glued each in place.Here is how they looked when I picked them up for $1 each at a yard sale.I also made a pirate hat for myself. I was wanting white fabric with pink polka-dots... but I ended up using pink fabric with black polka-dots. I made it by cutting the brim off of a baseball hat and hot gluing the fabric onto the hat... easy-peasy. I got this brand-spanking-new hat for .50cents at a yard sale... I have no idea with the b stands for.... Lastly, some burlap bags~ Count down to the pirate party begins... arrrrrrrrrrgh!


Matelasse Bedspread

I recently was given this twin matelassé bedspread with two matching pillows. Very cute indeed~ I am drawn to these bedspreads everytime I see them. I recently had purchased a Shabby chic duvet cover... so it wasn't going on my bed. Soooooooooo I got to thinking about my grandaughters baby crib that I have/use at my house. Maybe I could make a fitted bedspread for the baby mattress.... hmmm.... why not? So out my scissors came... I cut off the scalloped edges in long stripes so I could reattach it when I cut the flat/fitted part I needed for the top of the crib mattress. I laid the mattress on top of the fabric to draw the outline of the size I needed, I gave myself plenty of extra fabric just incase it was needed down the line. You can never cut your fabric larger once you've cut it... words to take to heart!Once I had that piece drawn and cut out, I simply pinned the scalloped edges around the edge of the smaller size bedspread that I just created. I used the mattress as a guide to help keep the bedspread fitted as I pinned. Then I just stitched around the whole thing creating a fitted bedspread for the mattress. Once the whole thing was stitched together, I finished off the edges with a zig-zag stitch to keep the fabric from unraveling when its being washed. Once all the seams were stitched, I turned the whole thing rightside out-- hit it with the iron to set the seams. That was it! I think it turned out super caute! (The pillows are for decoration only-- she is still to young to sleep with pillows) Here is a close-up of the scallops.... I just love all things scalloped~


My Studio~

I've linked up to the 2nd annual Where Bloggers Create linky party being hosted by Karen from her blog My Desert Cottage. Keep in mind, that my studio is a work in progress and that I'm wanting going to paint all the cabinets/shelves white, add wood trim and make it cauter! Right now I'm just focusing on keeping things organized... and somewhat tidy. Okie-dokie-artichokies... I throw open the door to my studio, also known as Stash Studio!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed your visit into my studio space. I've got a lot of super neat things stashed in all of those bins. Once I get done hoarding stashing all of the neat things I come across I'm going to start making things! Pinky-swear!
Leave a comment and be entered in a drawing to win this caute little fairy~
She was collecting pink dew drops off of my roses in my yard when I captured her in this jar~


Tree seat

Last year I created a raised circle around a tree in my g-kids play-yard with some retaining stones. I had two options in mind... one, make it into a seat. Or two, fill this area with some balls-- like a ball pit. Well, I didn't like the ball pit idea, so now I've got a bazillion balls that I'm forever picking up.So, of course, try the first idea second... make it into a seat. I cut a plywood circle, used cinder block to help support the plywood at the closest part of the tree trunk, it works pretty well and only called for two blocks. I covered the plywood with some vinyl cut from a vinyl tablecloth. I just used a staple gun to attach it.Then I cut apart two of the chaise lounge pads (I picked up for $1 each recently) to use as the pillow of the tree seat. I used some quilted fabric that I bought years ago for practically nothing for the pillow covers. Taaaaaa daaaaaaaa instant tree seat.I've also finished the curtains for the playhouse,made party hats for all the outdoor garden statues-- here are some of them,I even managed to pirate-up two monkeys~I also repainted this darling antique home-made hutch that I got for free years ago from one of my neighbors. It has doors but those are on the kitchen table drying. I'll post photos of it when its finished, its one of my favorite pieces in my home. There is always something to do, never an idle moment around here!


Thrifted treasures~

I had a wonderful time at a block sale I went to with my hubby this past weekend... Don't think I'm gushing or anything, its just nice having someone to carry my stuff. Just keeping it real~ I managed to pick up 5 chaise lounge pads for $1 each. *insert happy dance here* I got this mechanical monkey for fa-reeeeee. I can razzle dazzle can't I? It lifts its arms for you to pick it up then it drops its arms and looks down all sad when you don't, it also makes a lot of monkey sounds-- super cute & funny. It is so getting a pirate outfit! I also scored three trophys for $1 each. I'm going to turn them into first, second and third prize trophys for the best dressed pirate at our upcoming party. I've saved the best for last! Look at this fabulous childrens ice cream parlor table and chair set I scored for $40. I talked her down from $55.Here is a photo of my grandaughter inspecting the quality of the newly acquired furniture. (she loves chairs, just like her Nana!)
Here is Chloe sitting on top of the table while her Nana went to the kitchen to get her some apple juice~
and yes, I took a photo and then took her off the table!