Bunny Ears for a Doll

I repurposed store bought bunny ears for my grand daughter's animator dolls for Easter. Here is one of my dolls showing off one of the headbands with the bunny ears... eek, I'm in love~

The ears were super easy to modify to fit the dolls. I imagine you could make them to fit any size dolls head, but seeing how my little love bug only likes the Disney Animator dolls... that is all I play with too. *grins* I used pre-made super-cute bunny ears that I bought at the dollar store for the dolls bunny ears. The plastic headband on the bunny ears were way to big for the dolls heads so I had to make them smaller. Here you can see the newly sized purple bunny ears compared to the original size of the bunny ears shown in the pink headband below.
 I used wire cutters to cut off a little more than two inches of the headbands to make them smaller. The plastic cut very easily with just a little squeeze of the wire cutters.
 I used sand paper to round off the cut edges on each headband.
 Once the headbands were cut smaller, I took my embossing heating tool-- you know the one used for heating up embossing ink/powder -and heated up a small portion of the headband and simply reshaped the curved headband to be a smaller size. Easy peasy.

 Miranda likes the bunny ears... I think that little smirk on her face means I'm going to have to struggle to pry those ears off her head to give to my grand daughter. *wink*

Happy Easter~
big hugs,


Captain Hook's "Hook"

It seems like forever since I made anything for my pirate backyard... it was long over due. So, I created Captain Hook's "Hook."

My husband found an old rusty hook at our local swap meet for only $2.00. Beautiful isn't it? *swoon*
 I immediately knew I was going to use the hook to create something that Captain Hook would have worn. I purchased a faux alligator purse and a brass and copper chafing dish heating stand from a thrift store to use to create the piece. The two items together were only $4.00....
I scored some thick cardboard so that it would curve easily inside the chafing dish piece so that I would have something to create the housing for the hook. I snapped off the curved footings of the piece by bending them back and forth with some pliers.
 Once I had the cardboard fitted inside the piece the way I wanted, I turned my attention to the alligator skin I was going to be using. I cut a large section out of the purses material and painted some black onto the vinyl to really bring out the detail of the alligator texture. I rubbed off the extra with a baby wipe. Once the paint had time to set up in the crevices, I used spray adhesive to adhere the vinyl to the cardboard.
I stuck a cork on the sharp tip of the hook--- I saw that in one of the Captain Hook movies... and thought it was a cute idea. *wink* I finished off the piece with some silver/black trim and I added a Dresden piece to the area around the hook. Once the piece was finished, I took even more black paint and dirtied it up so it looked old...
 I even finished off the inside... why not, right?
I am very happy with how it turned out. Not to shabby for a total investment of only $6.00.
I'm starting to get pirate fever once again.... arrrgggghhhh~
big hugs,



My grand daughter is at Disneyland today with her Girl Scout troop. Last year she sold over 1,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and part of the money earned went towards this trip with the troop. She informed me she was taking one of her Disney Animator dolls with her to the park. She has five of the dolls now. I thought it would be fun for her friend who was going to Disneyland too- to have a doll at the park as well... so I gave up one of my dolls to her little friend. I thought Tinkerbell would fit the bill nicely. Tinkerbell needed some clothing, so I got busy! I didn't want my grand daughter to feel jealous with me gifting her friend with a doll AND clothing, so I whipped up another set of all the clothing I was making for her friend... for her. Here is Tinkerbell in some smiley face pajamas...

and some matching smiley face slippers.
I think Tink looks pretty cute in her new jammies.
 I also tried my hand at making a long rain jacket. I started off using super cheap fabric to work out a pattern. The original working pattern is on Rapunzel. The second working pattern is on Anna (jean jacket) and the finished Minnie Mouse rain jacket is on Merida in the middle.  Merida is smirking because she is stark naked under her jacket... she is a nutter.
 I also whipped up a nice comfy Mickey Mouse outfit with some shoes for Tinkerbell to wear while at the park... again, I made a matching outfit for my grand daughter's doll too.
 I also made a Mickey Mouse hat for Tinkerbell. My grand daughter already had one for her doll. I had to create this hat with a hole at the top to accommodate Tinkerbell's hair bun. The one bad thing about the hair on this Tinkerbell doll is that you have to leave it in a pony tail or bun-- if you take the hair down, the backside of her head is bald. Poo.
 Here is Tinkerbell decked out and ready for a day of fun at Disneyland!
 While I had my yarn out, I also made two Mickey Mouse hats that matched the ones I had made the two small dolls. Now my grand daughter and her friend can match their dolls!
I'm really enjoying making doll clothing-- but it is getting a little bit time consuming and I'm not playing around with anything else! Isn't that how it always goes~
big hugs,