An upcoming Pirate Event

Next year at our local fair I am going to be doing the decor in the super large building that houses our Gem and Mineral club. Being the Event Planner with the theme of "PIRATES".... it's going to be epic. At least that is my plan. *wink* So of course, with the event fast approaching (10 months away) I've started working on props already.... I was fortunate enough to get a LOT of things from our local dollar store after Halloween for .25¢ each. Yep, three shopping carts full. (I should have gotten even more!) It really does pay to ask for price reductions and plead your case/cause! I bought a lot of these Styrofoam skulls. I've never been a big fan of them, I'll let this photo below show you what I mean. 
 With most things, I can see the potential! Especially for .25¢ each.
 It was an easy makeover, I pulled off each skull cap, painted the skulls white and then distressed each with black and brown paint.
 I pulled apart some thick twine to use for the strands of hair, lightly tacking it on with hot glue. Then replaced the skull cap, added a little moss... and ta~da... pirate skulls!
 I've been having my husband bring home boxes that paper gets delivered in. I pulled the boxes apart and re-glued them back together inside out so that I could take advantage of the brown of the box itself and then I just distressed the edges with a quick spray of black paint and of course the all important "RUM" stenciled on the outside.
 These boxes serve two purposes...
1.) to store things inside of for the next 10 months
2.) to use as a prop during the event.

I had to spend a few days dragging all of the pirate stuff I'd bought into my garage to get ready for Christmas! I'm hoping to find a nice balance so I don't get overwhelmed. To late. *wink*
big hugs,