Happy New Year!

A heart felt "Happy New Year" to all my bloggin' buddies!
It is my prayer that we all have a year of good health....
And plenty of hours in the day to get all the fun things we want to get done... done.
See you next year...
I always love saying that each year... so fifth grade, I know. *wink*


Wicker Barbie furniture

I purchased some wicker Barbie doll furniture recently.... I'm sure you've seen these before. I plan on putting these in the Barbie house I'm working on. They looked a little to bulky to me...... so I made them over a little bit. I cut off the bulky loops that hung down on the side table, along with some of the decorative supports that were attached to each leg..... giving each piece a sleeker look. Here you can see the table which I've striped down.Once I had the pieces looking how I wanted them, I had to replace the missing "wicker." I wrapped raffia around the legs, attaching it with a tiny bit of hot glue to adhere each starting and ending piece. Here you can see where I've begun painting the wicker chairs with some regular house paint. You really need to give it a thick coat of paint to give the finished pieces a nicer real wicker look. Plus the paint acts as a glue to hold the pieces together.You can see the difference between spray paint and house/wall paint in this photo below. The spray paint just didn't cut it.... I used cardboard to fill in the pieces on the backs of each chair.I then added some pink felt and some fluffy white pipe cleaners as the trim. At a later date this chair will get a pillow and a lap blanket tossed over the back of the chair....probably even a foot stool!I also made some gold framed pictures to hang on the wall. I used some beautiful art work from ads in a magazine which I glued to some heavy chip board. I then pulled from my huge stash of dresden trim to use as the gold frames. Caute! Next I want to make some twin beds using these light switch plates..... can you visualize it?I was lucky to find a fridge, a stove and a bird cage at a thrift store, all this was a couple of bucks.... Barbie just informed me she wants all stainless steel appliances in her kitchen... hmmmm I think I might be able to pull that off! *fingers crossed*



So yesterday I sitting at a red light watching the cars come off of the free way thinking to myself " Wouldn't it be awful to be in an accident at Christmas time?" When BAM, I was hit from behind...... I couldn't believe it! Even though I was wearing my seat belt (lap belt... its an old car)--- I was twisted in my seat to the point my left leg was practically under the dash board and my right leg was practically in the drivers seat. My foot was forced off the gas pedal and I had to quickly readjust myself in the seat to quickly hit the break as I was traveling into traffic..... I turned off my car and got out and just gasped at the women like "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" There she was holding onto the steering wheel AND her cell phone. She told me, "I didn't even see you."...... You just know she was TEXTING........ snot nosed little kid.....
Anywho, I'm fine other than extremely sore down my back and my head feels like its going to wobble off my sore neck and who knows why my left knee is hurting me..... but other than that I'm fabulous. Praise God :-)
My beloved '66 Mustang is sitting in some cold, cramped, dingy, tow yard lot.... *sniffle-sniffle*..... its backside all pushed out of shape. She hit me so hard that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she knocked the car off its chassis...... My husband drove me to my doctor and she saw me immediately and told me I was going to "live" ... whew, it was touch and go until she told me that :-P What they fall to tell you about whiplash is that it effects everything your wanting to do. Try getting out of bed or the bathtub--- and you'll soon find out you use your neck muscles for everything.Snot nosed kid....


Christmas shopping

I bought myself a present for Christmas. Okokok... I always buy myself presents year round--- but lets just call this one a Christmas present for sayin' sake. Here is my loot.... 160 spooooooooooooons! I know right! Happy-happy-joy-joy... I love me some spoooooooooooooons.For those of you less than impressed... I also got a new Olympus 3d camera :-)Now, I just have to read the instruction manual.... always something :-P


Tarnished Crown

I bought this fabulous gold crown a few weeks ago at a yard sale for only $1. It had been broken and reglued rather crudely back together. The gal I purchased it from told me she originally bought it for $70 dollars.... *insert smile here* There was a few small chunks missing on the crown and a lot of glue which had dried in blobs.... Obviously not fixed by a crafty person ;-P I easily filled in the missing areas using paper clay. I used a sharp blade to cut off the glue blobs... In this photo below you can see some of the dried paper clay.I decided to spray paint the crown silver and then tarnish it. My etsy store is "The Tarnished Crown" After the silver spray paint dried, I used a watered wash of black paint to tarnish the crown.I adore it.... right now I have the crown in my throne room--- a.k.a. the bathroom :-)


Christmas cards

I finished making my handmade photo cards that I mail out each year along with my Christmas cards. Whew. I always tell myself I'll start working on them sooner each year--- only to end up making them later and later each year. Funny how that works out~ Here they are in there "exploded" view.....Here they are all folded up nicely awaiting to be given out.I think they turned out super cute--- ok, I'm partial because it features my grandkids--- but they are super cute.... just sayin'


Its the most

wonderful busiest time of the year. I finally finished making the tags for the tag swap I joined. I had no real plan... I just winged it. I used flocking for the very first time. I love/hate it--- I used the flocking for the snow she is skating on plus on the snow flakes as well. I also made a dimensional box to ship the tags in. I had bigger plans for this box--- but thats as far as I got with it~ I cut apart a second image and glued that on top of the first and added glitter--- so 1970's :-P After months of searching, I finally found enough game boards to finish up a wall area in my playroom. I hung the boards up and dusted the gazillion wooden stacking toys and other things I had on the shelf~Then I messed around with my cat Pee Wee...

He wasn't to pleased with me after this photo shoot with the santa hat and had to retaliate by knocking things down....Happily busy-busy-busy...


Christmas swappin'

I joined two swaps this holiday season.... One of the swaps was exchanging 9 Christmas ornaments. Once the ornaments were made we were to send them to three gals-- three ornaments each. The other Christmas swap was making 20 tags and getting an assortment of 20 tags back.
Here are the ornaments I've made... Here I've taken some vintage gold angels and painted & distressed them and added some plumage to their wings. Whimsical party hats finish those off....Next, I painted little signs that read, "A cupcake for Santa" I imagine he gets sick of eating cookies at every stop~Lastly, wire chandeliers. I wanted a chandelier to put into the Barbie house I'm working on--- while working on a prototype, I figured I could make them to hang on a Christmas tree too. I love how these turned out!I also began working on the 20 tags..... so far all I've done is finished fussy cutting the 20 vintage images to use on the tags. Of course, once I finished cutting those, I immediately wanted to do something else..... I'll just push those to the bottom of the ever growing list of things I'm working on. Closer to the mail out date, I'll appreciate those pre-cut images and use them happily :-p

I've been super busy working on some more pendants. These little bitties are going to be listed for $5 each (no chain, just the charm) The red on these charms is just a reflection from some red glass.I am over the moon with these little bitties.... I used copies of vintage & antique Holy cards. The old images are so beautiful! These little charms are going to be listed for $5 each as well. (no chain, just the charm)


Works In Progress

I've got a lot of silverware to play around with thanks to my father who cut the silverware for me. I've previously cut all the silver pieces myself by hand--- no easy task and very slow going. I've been hoarding collecting silverware where ever I find it-- to make jewelry out of. They are selling rather well at my online store, "The Tarnished Crown" cheap plug, I know. He cut the handles off of spoons so I can make some more pendants... look at all those beautiful spoons! :-) Here is a couple that I've made using really big spoon bowls. These measure in at 3 to 3 1/2 inches long. These will be sold for $10 to $12 each.The bottom right one with the pearls is my favorite out of this batch :-)
The handles which were cut off are lovely. My dad bent the handles back onto themselves and made those into pendants and or key fobs. Aren't they beautiful? I've wire wrapped the tops and added some vintage beads to give them a little bit of pop. These will be sold for $5 each~ I've got lots & lots of pieces to work with.... These little darling vases are made from hollow knife handles. (I've big plans for those)The tiny souvenir spoons I recently purchased, I cut by hand myself. Twenty five in total-- not that I'm counting.Here is one I made into a pendant... these are tiny and measure from top to bottom at 1 & 1/4 an inch. These I'm selling for $5 each.I also used the other end of each spoon making a lot of cute blanks to add something to-to make little pendants. Shown in the photo above.
Those little decorative pieces with a medal will be sold for $5 as well. Is it just me? or is there seriously never enough time in the day to do all the things you want to do... along with those things you need to do? Oh bother..... I did manage to get my Christmas tree up. And yes, It is wedged into a corner behind a chair. (tethered to the mantel of course)I decided not to do anymore "Christmas" decorating other than the tree & stockings this year.... notice the cat under the tree. Nothings sacred....geeze. If I see one hair ball under that tree... someones going to get it!!! I did manage to wrap about 1/4 of the gifts I've already purchased.High on my list of things to seek out and purchase is a cute cash register for my 2 1/2 year old grandaughter Chloe. I have one at my house which she plays with for literally hours. She'll put money in it, close the drawer and then open the drawer and take money out. I gave her a lot of used gift cards which she likes to slide in the slot that is in between the drawer and the register itself. lol.... How does she know how to do that at this age? cute. Well, I've got a bazillion works in progress-- and I guess thats normal for me. I better get offline and try to finish at least one of those projects! I'll be posting things to my Etsy site in a couple of days unless something shiny & glittery distracts me.