Recent Treasures...

 Here are some recent treasures that I'm going to be adding to my pirate backyard.... I've been keeping an eye out for a small old looking heater and found this beauty at an antique street fair in a nearby town. The gal I bought it from is the same gal I purchase my tiki's and my pony from. *waves to Jennifer*
I also scored some more pots and lobsters. Pots always makes good filler for the yard.
I also bought an antique photo album. It was only $4.00... Along with the larger photos inside the album there were some smaller ones... I imagine for lockets? The photo in the upper right hand corner with the young girl with her hands behind her head cracks me up. She has a mouth full of crooked/missing teeth and you can just tell she must have been a real pistol!
I've also been wanting a large Buddha Statue for my pirate yard.... I did find one this past summer but they wanted $100 bucks for it. This past weekend I spotted this happy-chubby guy. The price started at $30-- but I ended up paying only $23.00. He is holding two small balls in his hands--- so I am calling him "Doughnut hole guy" I probably resemble this pose when I get a hold of doughnut holes too *wink*
The area where the statue is now has totally been transformed. I had to make this area eight feet smaller to make room for my new 8' x 8' pirate store we are going to be building in this spot. Here you can see the yard panning left of the statue...

and panning right of the statue is the newly made floor for the newest pirate store that we are going to be starting sometime in the coming weeks.

We had to get a big ol' miter saw so we can do the special cuts for the new store. I'm hoping it comes together fast as its starting to get cold outside!
big hugs,


Backyard Shooting Gallery

I have been keeping an eye out on the trash piles recently for a solid wood hutch to be transformed into a shooting gallery for some rubber band guns I have. The stars were all aligned and I saw this beaut laying atop a huge rubbish pile. Score.

 The two doors with the flower painted glass below the hutch were removed as was the large flower painted mirror that was in the center.... I replaced the mirror with pieces of old fence boards for safety reasons.
Here is the hutch in the first stages of repurposing. I painted the slats red & white and then distressed them to give it an old grungy look. I also added some aged small slats to the piece as well... This is still a work in progress... I've got so much left to do~
 I'm going to build a stand for the hutch to set on to make it taller and of course add some things to shoot at since this is going to be a shooting gallery. I'm still debating on making a shooting gallery sign for the top of this hutch. Since the weather is starting to get colder, I find myself more and more inside with a blanket on my lap and something to crochet in my hands!
big hugs,



I recently bought this large statue of Neptune while poking around the swap meet. Handsome devil isn't he? The rod he is holding was missing the trident part (the three-pronged spear) so I decided to add a seashell instead of recreating a spear.

Of course, I had to paint him gold to fit in better with the pirate themed backyard I have. After spray painting the statue gold, I added some black to give the statue an aged appearance. I think it looks much better gold than the stark white~

I used a product called Fix-it-All Patch to attach the seashell to the metal rod.
It is a white powder that you simply mix with water to use. I added just enough water to turn the powder into a clay like material and used that to squish the seashell onto the rod.
Last year, I covered a bottle with the Fix-it-All Patch product, and left the bottle out in the elements all year long. It has held up pretty good. I mixed water into the powder and created a frosting like consistency and used a spatula to cover the bottle....  Once the bottle was dry, I spray painted it brown and added the burlap lid.

Since this statue is by the bar area, I am going to be making a bar sign with the word "Neptune" in it.... eventually.
 We have begun the daunting task of starting on the newest pirate store. I am anxious to get it completed before the rainy weather hits us full force.
big hugs,


Fancy Flea Market

I'm going to be a vendor at another Artist's Market this weekend.

I always bring more items then my tables will hold--- yet that doesn't stop me from cranking out some more things!
 While tidying up my studio a little bit, I came across the handles of some souvenir spoons  I had previously cut the bowls off of.
 I had already turned the ends back to make little loops for hanging on a chain... and then I put them aside. Something bright and shiny must have caught my eye *wink*
 I went through my ever growing stash of vintage do-dads and pulled out some fun pieces and simply glued them in place.
The atmosphere at this venue is fabulous and they have people who help you unload and load up your vehicles...  and they even pop up your canopies and set up your tables! Well, with this event on Saturday, I think I'll go make something else. I've got time~ *wink*
big hugs,