Barbie House

I gave the Barbie house that I have been working on for some time now to my grand daughter Chloe for Christmas.... (click on photos to make them larger)
The Barbie house started off looking like this, it was a $5.00 score at a yard sale....
I added hard wood floors to the top two floors and a brick floor to the bottom floor. I also gave the "house" a new exterior with a textured finish and the stones... and of course, I made two wooden doors too...

 Here is the bottom/first floor of the Barbie house, the living room....

 and the other side of the room...

 The second floor has the kitchen....
and the dining area....

The top floor is the bedroom area....
and of course the all important computer area....

Here is a list of blog posts which I've previously shared along with way of making this Barbie house. Some are tutorials and some I'm just sharing how I transformed things into Barbie Furniture:
Wicker Furniture, Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture, Barbie Kitchen, Hutch, Wood planed Floor, Standing Bird Cage, Faux Brick Floor, Three tiered table, Cottage Doors, Faux Stones, Barbie House, Christmas Tree, Couch and Chair, Dress Form,
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  1. amazing Cheryl! so did she just love it? I know she did! next time my daughter comes over I'll have to show her the finished pictures. shes been following along.
    you rock gramma!

  2. OMG! Fabulous. I loved my babies and their fab townhouse with the elevator but this is so much better. Great job. Hope she loves it!

  3. You did a great job on it, and Have a feeling it will be a treasured gift.
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  4. What a fabulous gift!!! I would have loved to receive this when I was young - and even now! :-)

  5. I bet she loved it, you did a beautiful job and I imagine you had fun in the process!
    Hugs and Happy New Year!

  6. That is one decked out Barbie House. Amazing how even Barbie has advanced into the age of technology. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  7. The house and furniture are Fantastic! What a treasure.

  8. Hello from Spain: great job. This house is awesome. I love this house for my Barbies. I envy. Your daughter will be happy .. Keep in touch

  9. Oh, this brings back memories of the Barbie house my stepdad made me for Christmas one year. It was really just a one room wooden box, but my mother had decorated it with pink contact paper and little curtains. It had wicker furniture, and I LOVED it!
    You did an amazing job!!

  10. How amazing! I love dolls and collect them but have never found a doll house to fix up! I know it would be great fun! What a fabulous gift! WOW! Happy holidays!

  11. If Chloe didn't do dances and prances around the house, I would break into tears. That is simply amazing -- what a gift!

  12. This Barbie house is amazing. I am going to book mark this post. My daughters love Barbies, and so do I. You did such a fantastic job on this. I love the computer room!

  13. Ps I can't believe that great piece was only 5 dollars, what a find!

  14. whoa! you have a lot of patience! My daughter would have loved for me to do something like this when she was small. super job!
    thanks for sharing at catch as catch can

  15. Thanks for sharing your find, the links, and your photos of the finished product. Your granddaughter is lucky!

  16. oh my gosh this is so cute! love your blog and all of your creativity!


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