I did it...

...I finally put something on my etsy site. Here is the link. It was time consuming and stressful not knowing if I was doing it right. .... I'm still not sure I did it right lol... but, in the end I guess it was easier than I feared it would be...... but I'm not listing anymore until I know for sure!


Do you Pin?

Pinterest that is? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I fought it for as long as I could but....Seriously, its true! So many things to see that you start getting punching thinking..... I've just one thing to say..... There is no known cure except to just... At least stretch you legs once in awhile, you will be surprised how long you'll be sitting there looking at all the pretties. If your wanting to check it out-- come visit my bulletin boards. If you see something fabulous anywhere online you'd like to save a photo of---- pin it to one of your own bulletin boards. Ohhhhhhhh-m-geeeeeeeee your going to love & hate the hours and hours your going to be on it. Guaranteed! When you try to sign up, they put you on a waiting list of sorts. I know right? I can "friend" you in faster, I'll get you hooked up! *NOTE* I need your email address to invite you. Some of the comments left on my blog have a "no reply return email address-- so make sure I can get a hold of you if your wanting to be included in the fun!



I manged to find some treasures recently. Look at this pirate loot-- 50 silver spoons for .15¢ each. Sa-weeeeeeeeeeet~A lovely house shaped bird house.Linens and a vintage Virgin Mary wall plaque.Small figurines from tea boxes... to add to my collection.Also, a magnifier and one of those old repurposed glued open books (soon to be a halloween spell book)Also, this very heavy wooden antique mirror.... $1.
Lastly, some sewing things. All of this and some lace trim and an old tin for only ONE DOLLAR. *gasp* There are 3 pair of pinking shears and one pair of scalloped scissors---- all sharp as the day they were purchased! A jar full of super thick pins, sewing needles and small screw drivers.... and--- enough sewing needles to last me literally my entire lifetime... and I plan on living to be 100---


Drilling dominoes

I used the handy dandy drill press I made, to drill some holes into some dominoes. Who knew it wouldn't be as easy as I thought it would be. *sigh* It did help in keeping the drill straight & steady-- but I did have to apply a lot of pressure to drill the holes into the dominoes. I don't know what made me think it was going to be easy-peasy, wishful thinking I guess! I think I drilled about 30 of these big dominoes--- only 5 didn't come out perfectly--- the holes being offset just a smidge~ Here are some smaller dominoes all finished, you can see the size difference between the two.
I like how they turned out... I need more ;-)


Faux stone

I've got so many works in progress right now, happily I can say this one is finished. I created some faux stone work for the outside of the barbie house I'm working on. I used cardboard, tissue paper and mod podge to create the look. I cut the cardboard into 1"x1 1/2" pieces and used Elmers glue to hold it in place. Once the glue dried, I painted on some Mod Podge and layered some crumpled tissue paper over the pieces. I kept adding tissue paper until the area was covered. Here it is all painted to look like faux stone on the outside of the Barbie house. The pink window frame will be put on later-- once I've decided what kind of curtains I'm going to use.
Here is the before picture:I did the same treatment for the sides of the house as well.
1.) added cardboard.2.) Added tissue paper...
3.) Painted everything~Next, I'm going to be working on creating a wood floor for the second floor of the house. I was lucky to come across a bag full of thin wood strips that measure 7"x1/4".... immediately I thought of a wood floor for a dollhouse.Stay tuned for that :-)


Faux Bricks

I made some faux bricks for the barbie house I'm working on for my grandaughter Chloe Rose. Since these bricks are going in a Barbie house, they are made bigger than the ones I've previously made for the miniature doll house that I have yet to finish... Firstly, I cut a piece of illustration board to fit completely in the space I was making the bricks for. (You can purchase illustration board at any art supply store-- runs about $6 a sheet) I drew lines every one inch and cut those out using my paper cutter.... then I cut those inch long strips into 1/4 inch length to create the small bricks, again using my paper cutter. So the actual brick size is 1' x 1/4 inch in size. With a large pile of pieces cut to size, I ran several long lines of glue down some paper and glued the "brick" down so that I could easily paint them. Once the glue dried, I used terra cotta, black and white paint which I pounched onto the bricks using a stencil brush. The final step is to seal the newly painted illustration board. You can use a spray gloss or you can paint on a glossy finish. This step is important because when you grout the brick, using real grout, it keeps the cardboard from falling apart.Then I just glued the brick into place on the floor of the barbie house. I haven't grouted the brick into place yet. I am wanting to make some kind of planter for both sides of the door way. So I'm going to wait until I figure it out :-)


Happy Birthday to me....

* sung with extreme enthusiasm and jazz hands.....
Happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
hand me a fork,
pass me my cake,
happy birthday to-to-to-to....

Well, well, well....seems another year has come and gone, where does the time go? I've made some sugar cookies to take with me this evening to our local quilters guild meeting. (recipe can be found here) Since the meeting falls on my birthday (today)--- I just had to do a little sumthin'-sumthin' extra whimsical right? I took the birthday card my parents gave me and cut it out and glued on a frilly tutu....
This lil' monkey will blast out the calories of each cookie you take :-)
At the monthly meeting I attend, every member has to wear a name badge, this is the one I've made to wear this evening.... I'm going to make a different name badge for each meeting. We meet once a month... I can do 12.... I think. Here is last months name badge.
Ahhhhhhhh sugar cookies....
Please feel free to grab yourself a virtual handful.....


Spoon pendants

These are addictive....This one is my favorite out of this batch~here are some more~and another...and another...