Repurposing Altoid Containers

I recently bought a large lot of empty Altoid and various other tin containers. Forty-one tins for $3.00... how could I not buy them?
 I also bought myself a Sizzix Big Kick for my upcoming birthday month.. which actually starts next month. But why procrastinate right? Of course along with the Big Kick... I had to buy a bunch of embossing folders which would be ideal to use on the tops of all those tins I had just bought. Hmmmmm that $3.00 investment in those tins just cost a heck of a lot more. *wink*

The first thing I did to repurpose the tins was to spray paint the containers silver, this gave every tin a nice uniform look. Plus, the silver would go perfect with the metal tape I was planning on using. Here are the tins with the embossed lids without any distressing. Super caute!

 Here are the Altoid tins after I distressed them with paint. I used black and copper acrylic paint to give the metal an old aged patina. They never photograph as nice as they look in person. I used mostly Darice embossing folders... and a few Tim Holtz folders too.
 I am loving the Big Kick machine I bought! Oh.My.Goodness. I've got the embossing down... now I am looking forward to die cutting and finding other uses for the machine as well. So far this has been the best birthday gift I've gotten this year--- and my birthdaymonth doesn't start until next month! *wink*
This week, I am eagerly awaiting a shipment of die cuts that I just bid on and won off of Ebay. lol... don't judge me. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. Wow what an amazing find... And what you did with it... I'm impressed. Thank you for your visit. Love your blog! I'm now one f your newest followers :)

  2. I'm completely clueless on this embossing and how you did it but I have to say the results are amazingly beautiful!

  3. They look great! Happy early BD!!

  4. No judging from me!!! LOL

    The tins turned out so cute! Happy "early" birthday. It's never too soon to CELEBRATE!!!

  5. OMG they are amazing! I love them plain and distressed/painted! Guess which one is my favorite? (Wink!)

  6. Fabulous. Don't you think if the Altoid people figure out how useful their tin is, they'll start charging more?! I love 'em!

    And Happy Birthday! Both Leos!

  7. I don't think ANY of us could judge you - "wink"!!! These ROCK!!!!! XOXO

  8. Cheryl, These tins are absolutely fantastic. How can the tins go through the embossing folder without being crushed??/
    I have never been on your blog before but I am going to read it from now on.

  9. Can you share how you made the whole tin.

  10. I think she embossed the metal tape not the actual tin

  11. I was going to ask the same thing, then I reread the article and caught the "metal tape" part. This would also work well with embossed aluminum cans cut to fit!


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