Pirate Bar

I am so happy! I finished my pirate bar! Here it is in all its piratey glory...
The two wooden barrels that I bought this past summer for $10.00 each were the inspiration for this bar.
 I knew exactly how it was all going to come together the moment I brought them home...
I chose to make a cement bar top rather than a coin covered bar top. I was worried how the resin would hold up to the elements and the hot sun beating down on it. Once the cement had cured, I painted the cement so it looks really old. To finish it off, I tucked in some sphagnum moss between the rope border and the cement bar top.
 Now comes the fun part of staging the area. I added a wooden spigot to the rum barrel.....
 The cork net floats that I bought months ago, I strung on some rope and hung it from the gazebo over the pirate bar area.

The black netting was a .50¢ steal this past weekend.
 There is a lot more staging to be done in this area, but now that the bar is completed it is just a matter of having fun!
big hugs,


  1. Great job!!! I'd love to sip some rum at your bar... :-)

  2. Wow! Looks great - you did good! Something like that outdoors here would not last long due to weather conditions and squirrels.

  3. This is magnificent! What a great job you did.. I love it!
    I will make such a wonderful outdoor retreat.

  4. Cheryl -- this is just fabulous! It looks so authentic and such fun! Oh, I see a party coming on in your future -- a whole bunch of them!

  5. I love your bar! Your whole Pirate yard is awesome! Have a great week!
    Linda PS- I will have a rum and coke to go. :)

  6. How sweet of you Cheryl! Thank you so much for your more than kind comment on Oliver.. I am so happy you enjoyed.

  7. OMG this is so crazy, wonderful, over the top, I love it!! I bet there is some great pirate parties in your future!!


  8. That is absolutely amazing. What fun parties you will have.

  9. This is the coolest back yard bar I have ever seen! I popped in from GYB and I see this bar - I am hooked! Can't wait to see what you do next! LOVE your blog name too :)

    BTW I'll have a shot of rum please!


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