Daisy Loom Baby Blanket~

(if you googled "daisy loom blanket and thats how you found me.... if you want any of my instructions on how to use the daisy loom, just e-mail and ask me. I'd be happy to share my vintage pattern book instructions with anyone who wants them)

Here in this photo is a darling little baby blanket that I crocheted for my daughter for her new baby. During her pregnancy I kept myself busy crocheting baby blankets. (This is one of four.) This is by far my favorite pattern. The pattern is from an old 1978 "Daisy Loom" book. I remember my mom having one of these little daisy looms way back when, she could never figure it out lol...I came across a set at a thrift store a few years back. Years later I came across a 23 page booklet on how to use it along with things to make.

I am now on my third crochet/daisy blanket. The most recent WIP is being worked in a beautiful sage green which I'm going to embellish with beige daisies... this is going to be called a "lap blanket" and is going to be given to my mother for mothers day! I want the same sage green with white flowers. But alas, a crafter never crafts for oneself lol~


Anonymous said...

Hiya i would love to knopw how to make this gorg blanket, please email me on angel7891@hotmail.com.

Tesselara said...

I just got a bunch of these in a lot of other sewing. I would LOVE to see your instructions! tesselara@gmail.com Your blanket is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Please I would also love to have a copy of your instruction book. Would you please send it to me at shytown0214789@yahoo.com Thank you so very much

Jamie said...

Please email me with the instructions of the circular loom..
I am pregnant, and its driving me nuts trying to figure this out.. with the daisy-loom instructions i cannot seem to figure this out!!
Thank you very much.