Daisy loom blanket

Well I finally finished the small lap throw I was making for my mother. 65 daisy loomed flowers were made and hand stitched on.... ugh, thats the worst part lol. Its alllllll done *big cheer* I absolutely love this crocheted pattern. It is simple once you get going on it. It has a solid block then an open block. It is super easy. This is the third one I've made... and I guess I'll fire up another one :-) It is one of those "projects" that is nice to bring out while your watching t.v..... and you've got nothing else to work on. Although... Christmas is right around the corner... *gasp* I am wanting to make some Christmas stockings for my daughter and her family. My grandsons first Christmas.... I'm overly excited already!

(if you googled "daisy loom blanket and thats how you found me.... if you want any of my instructions on how to use the daisy loom, just e-mail and ask me. I'd be happy to share my vintage pattern book instructions with anyone who wants them)

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