Birthday Fairy~

Here are some photos of a little gift I made for my daughter for her upcoming 21rst birthday. I used a clock as the container.
The little baby in the photo is my daughter on her very first birthday. I used crepe paper to recreate her dress. I cut tiny squares of crepe paper and used the blunt end of a paint brush to glue these tiny little "puffs" onto the sleeves and edge of her dress. I even put some on her head, recreating the headband she was wearing that day as well~ (not that she had any hair mind you...)
I had a large selection of butterfly wings made into a transparency.... I cut one set out to make her a set of wings. I found an old vintage key with a "21" on it...bought that for .80 cents. I also found an "H" in a bag of Christmas ornaments I had recently bought for $3 buckeroos. I added some vintage ribbon, silk roses...a few leaves and a bed of moss to sit upon...and my little "ode to my precious one" is complete.
Here is the back of the box, I printed out "Happy 21rst birthday Heather" I love you, Mom.... the flower oval around it was cut out of a book which I cut and glued over my message. Kinda cute huh?


*Heidi* said...

This is just beautiful, a gift I'm sure your daughter will treasure forever! You sure had some great big boxes of goodies to work from! You must have enjoyed making it!

Natasha Burns said...

Love the clock Cheryl! So lovely and your daughter can treasure it because you made it for her and because it is gorgeous!!
Yay I am excited, you're my swap partner for Angelina's card swap!!!

Kelli said...

That is just precious! I love how you recreated her dress...what a sweet touch! You made a *wonderful* birthday gift!!


Sallie - AKA *Sparky* said...

What a sweet and loving birthday gift for your daughter's birthday! Your blog is lovely and interesting. I am your swap partner for Amy's swap. Here's my email address: sjb2358@Hotmail.com Thanks!

B said...

The clock is so lovely! I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with it, especially since it handmade by Mom!
I'm so excited to be doing a room in my house in pink. We recently changed most of the rest of the house to earthtones in the Tuscany style. Hubby loves it, but I need my "girlie" colors! I love yellow, too...so sunny and cheerful. I used to have a lot of yellow and purple, but now that's all gone too.