Party hat art doll~

I received my party hat doll from my swap parnter Sallie Barnes. She took a photo of my daughter off of my blog and used her face & hands for the dolls features. How cute is that? When I first saw this I just glanced the face quickly and took a double take when I noticed it was my very own kiddo looking back at me.... made me laugh! What a cute idea, thanks Sallie!
(I am using Sallie's photo that she took of the art piece she made as I'm feeling to LaZy to get out my camera)


Sallie - AKA *Sparky* said...

I'm so glad you like the Art Doll I made you! Somehow I knew you would, afterall it is your daughter! (I guess I cheated some, to get your nod of approval.) Your daughter is so pretty, and just made such a perfect match for the fabric I bought you. Thank you again, for the beautiful doll you made me! I love her!

Anonymous said...
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