Sunshine swap~

I received my package from the "Bucket full of Sunshine" swap I was in. I opened the box to indeed see "sunshine." My swapping partner Jeannie was super generous. As you can see from the photos everything is very cute! I really like the metal bin that she used for the "bucket" Just recently I was eyeing a very similar container..how funny. (There was also a magazine and a bottle of bubbles that are not pictured as I was reading and blowing bubbles in the backyard lol.)

There is some handmade cupcake pokes, some huge paper umbrellas (never have seen those before) some lip gloss, vintage buttons, a huge balloon, bubbles, magazine, a bottle of glitter, a tiny shabby chic watering can, a cute yellow ceramic basket. a handmade door tag, a super cute butterfly card, a HUGE sucker, some small yellow paper flowers, a gift tag..... whew..I think thats all of it. Ohhhhhhhh and the cute container lol.

All of the items are a sweet reminder of childhood summer time fun. Thanks Jeannie~ such sweetness!

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Kelli said...

What a fun swap to be in! Everything is cheery and perfect for summer!