Tussie-mussie swap~

I finished the tussie-mussie for my swap partner Cheryl. It is a metal cone that I covered inside and out with vintage sheet music. I used vintage ribbon as the hanger. Love-love-love old ribbons!I made a little lid that is hinged on the inside with a piece of ribbon. I glued a flower on top and sitting in the middle is one of my fairy babies. I grabbed a bunch of stuff out of my little bins and filled a little white bucket and placed it inside the cone. I also sent along some cat toys and an embroidered pledge of allegiance that I think she will just LoVe~ The container sitting behind it is the tube I used to ship it all in. It was tight... but I squeezed it all in!


B said...

Lucky Cheryl, your partner! What a great tussie you created. As always, your creations are lovely. Mine's not nearly that fancy - I made mine out of a paper party hat. Hopefully, my not-so-lucky partner will like it anyhow.

Kelli said...

Oh, it's so sweet, Cheryl! I love the fairy baby tucked inside the rose!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

that is quite a nice tussie! I am bummed that I missed out on the swap, there are some really pretty ones being made for it. Yours is lovely.