I was poking around like I like to do visiting other blogs.... and I hit upon one and thought I bookmarked it... I think my bookmarks are completely full because it didn't save it for me. Sooooooooo I had to spend some time searching for it...and I found it again! When I find a blog that I love I like to click on the blogs that they find interesting and I normally am not disappointed. Anywho, this blog ----> Present past Collection is worth a lookie-loooooooo~ The photos are LoVeRLy I am so going to copy a few of her ideas for my own (drastically needing a make-over) studio. I already bought a bulletin board and I'm going to load it with some fabulous treasures like she did.... ok, and a big word beside it as well. What that word will be I have no clue, but its going up there lol. Here is the photo of Heathers bulletin board....*drooling* Hmmmm now I think I'm going to go root through the huge piles of stuff I have ear-marked for donating and rescue it back :-) I am sooooooooooo like that!

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