Today is the second day of my "birth-month." Unlike most people who just celebrate their actual day of birth, I have adopted a different approach to the whole thing. I celebrate my life for the whole entire month of September.... and the actual day of my birth, September the 8th, I call "birthday-cake-day" Soooooo you guessed it, I buy myself stuff all month long :-)
Today I went to an outdoor peddlers flea market. I was very lucky. I was on a mission to purchase some old photographs. I came across a rather large stack of photos.... prices were from 4 dollars and up to 20 bucks. *gasp* so I found a little one...no price and asked all wided eyed and giving it my best "please give me a deal" look..... and the guy said. A buck. I smiled! Then he said..... they are all a buck. I smiled even bigger and said....Mister, I'm going to need a bag~ I bought 35 new family members :-P

Here is a close up of one of my favorites, cute huh~

I was coming across a lot of "dollar tables" I am guessing due to the extreme heat lol. Here is a photo of a box of headbands that were worn in parades, the whole box for a dollar~ I got a huge bag of old zippers, a hand mirror, buttons, tons of thread.... oh and a box of diaries from a school girl from 1915 to 1918, only 5 bucks for 5 of them....from what I've read so far she was in love with a "nice kid" named Dewey. Ahhhhhhhhhh cute.
I also bought this old doll for a dollar. I HAD to buy him because it made me sad to see him laying in the full sun. He is really needing a bath and an adorable outfit, then he will look happier. He is missing some eye lashes and his soft plastic is a little torn where his leg creases by his dimpled butt... but he is much happier, and isn't that whats important?
Lastly I'm posting this horse (it even has little wheels under its feet) I bought for 2 bucks. I know, I buy such junk.... but I was thinking... wouldn't this be so cute reupholstered with chenille fabrics? Yep, now your seeing it... cute~ I also bought two large carved frames .50 cents, a boat in a bottle .10cents, a brand new gromet punch with gromets for .10 cents, a large wooden card display stand with a plexi-glass cover for .50 cents... and tons more but its all put away-- and I can't remember half of it lol.


Natasha Burns said...

Happy Birth Month!!! LOL! We share the same month, I am a day after you for the cake day, lol i think i should adopt that idea too!!! I used to have a birth 4 days.... but birth month is much better!

B said...

Great stuff. I love those parade headbands, but what will you do with them? I always want to have stuff like that, but then I always think, what in the world with I do with it, so I just end up without it. For a buck, or even more, I too, would have rescued that doll. He is great! Happy birth-month, and an especially happy birthday. Our family has at least 10 birthdays this month. You Virgos are very popular! :D

oliveoyl64 said...

From one fellow Virgo to another, Happy Birthday.

I loooooove old pics. I actually found a pic of my great-great grandfather at a local antique store. I asked the booth owner, but she wasn't even sure where she had aquired it. My aunt was in charge of my grandmother's storage unit and had quit paying for it so all the family treasures are gone. I keep searching the local area hoping more will turn up.

Cute boy doll too. Can't wait to see how you dress him up.

Sarah and Jack said...

I think the horse is cute as is. Jack would love having a ride on it.

Lori said...

WHERE do you live that you can find all these fabulous things for $1??? you are killin' me here!!! those photos are wonderful!!

Jennie in Wales said...

Isn't it sad when once-treasured family photos end up forgotten and for sale in an auction or flea-market? At least a few old relatives now have someone to care for them! I would have bought a stack too . . . Happy birth month and keep being creative I LOVED your Christmas decorations by the way - they're so original. Hope you win lots of ribbons. Jennie in Wales, UK.