Fair entries~

I did manage to complete my 5 craft projects for our local fair. Eeeeek! not so cute, but hey, not to bad for a rush job. I never did have the full week like I thought I would to complete all 5... the bulk of the items were finished in two days :-P I felt nervous driving to the fairgrounds lol... but once inside I felt better. There was a huge pile of crocheted afghans... I'm talking probably at least 300. Kinda narrows my odds of any ribbon winning lol. In the fairs that I've been to in the past I've always commented saying "I could do better than that".... well, we'll see lol. I am not feeling to confident now! lol
The first photo is of a baby afghan...my all time favorite pattern.

Next on the list is my "padded photo album" okokok..a little creative license here. I do not like traditional photo albums so this is my take on one. More of a photo/memento book :-)Here is my attempt at something under the catagory of "jewelry".... the photos are from the 1900's.
My favorite item... 6 Christmas ornaments. I used photos of my grandson to create little fairies. They are all two sided with glitter & trim& wings. I just love them lol. Lastly, a fabric covered box. Mind you, I have no clue what they are wanting sooooo this is my attempt :-P I used fabric that is in my daughters house so I will give it to her when I get it back from the fair.

While taking these quick photos... my cat Charlie jumped up on the bed and laid down beside the box. There she is trying to act "casual"... she just LoVeS attention~

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B said...

I admire you for entering your things in the fair. They are all lovely. I don't think I'd have the guts to enter anything of mine.
I luuhhhvvv that heart-shaped photo album/memento holder. That is so creative and beautiful. I love that it's so different from the usual photo albums. Aaannnd, it's just the right color to match my office/craft room! LOL
Well, girl, you did a great job and I think you deserve the blue ribbons! Good luck to you!
:) Brenda