I had a fun day shopping today at the boutiques. I bought this lot below which totaled $3 bucks. The beaded circles (which looks like crowns when the beads are standing up) were once being sold for $8 bucks a piece *grins* I love that I got them soooooo cheap lol~
This lot of Christmas ornaments totaled one whole buckeroooo~ There are some really cute ornaments at the very bottom of that bin, and some not so cute, but the price was certainly right. This is just the ones that I'm keeping, there was a bunch I've bagged up to donate to a thrift store :-)


ZanyMayd said...

Thank You Cheryl for the reminder.... I have been in No Mans Land..... Not sure what is wrong with My Brain the past months! I am ON IT... talk again soon

vivian said...

Hi Cheryl,
I got your message that you would like to do the snowman ornament swap! thats great. Please email your address and email address. vivianneroni@yahoo.com
I will continue to collect participants til november 9th and then I will post partners. I plan on making a snowman specific post in a day or two!
glad you signed up!