Still Cheeky~

"How you doing hen?" Fabulous, thank you for asking! "Aye, still cheeky as ever I see." (sorry, flash back to my youth....)
I think I am allergic (just like you Brenda lol) to the pain pills the dentist gave me. I was thinking since one was good, two would be better... mistake.... whoa nelly....mistake! Thought I'd nearly die from the sick feeling that gave me! Good news, simple aspirin seems to be doing the job nicely. Now, I just have a bottle of pain pills of no use to meeeeeeeee.... hmmm maybe e-bay'em? JoKiNg~

I've been busy creating some items for Amy for the first of our 3 month swap. Of course, I have to make multiples of things, so one for Amy.... three for meeeeeeeeee. Yep, I am so like that. I'll post pictures before I mail it out :-)

So the tooth fairy never did come over. My husband said it was because the dentist kept the 4 wisdom teeth so he gets the money lol.... I told him balderdash! Then I informed him that I would take matters into my own hands and "gift" myself! (Which is probably a good thing since I'm so gosh darn thrifty) Anywho, I got a "tiny singer serger" today..... oh... and it only cost me $10 bucks. Who's the lucky girl??? That'd be meeeeee~ I bought it off of a gal here in town (off of the ol' computer/craigslist) I went to her house to look at/buy an oak high chair ($35 bucks) Well, I talked her down to $25 bucks for the high chair and $10 bucks for the serger and she threw in a super cute iron branch with 2 birds & 2 nests on it. (which I LOVE to pieces) Now, I just have to figure out how to use that serger.... darn, I may end up having to read the instructions...grrrr :-P

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  1. WHAT??? No tooth Fairy? What's going on? You need to "gift" yourself a lot better than with a measly serger.....Let Bad Fifi be your guide....she works wonders for me.....She will be more than happy to show you the ropes...........


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