I found at one of our local thrift stores a brand new/never opened kit to make 4 Snoopy Christmas ornaments. The kit was being sold for $1. When I was in 8th grade I had bought that very same kit which set me back about 7 bucks. It was weird making them as I remembered making them way "back-in-the-day" lol I found out my son in law's favorite cartoon character is Snoopy, so this Christmas...its all about "Snoopy" for him.
Below is a photo of the 5 monsters from the show "Yo Gabba-Gabba" Since they do not sell toys from this show (yet) I've had to make my own so my grandson can have them for Christmas. When I was sewing the seams I added a ribbon folded over so I could attach rings to each one. I think they turned out super cute. I've been searching for a doll to be the main character "DJ Lance Rock" but I've had no luck....so I went to E-bay and purchased a Steve Urkel doll (vintage, still new in the box) for $10 buckeroos. I'm delighted! I can't wait until the doll arrives so I can get busy making his outfit!!!

The monsters were super easy to make. On Nick Jr.com they had some printables from the show. They were suppossed to be printed on paper to be used as puppets.....Well....I adhered white fabric to card stock using spray adhesive and sent it through my printer. Then I pulled it off the paper backing, cut them out and stitched them up :-) They are so cute! I printed out some other Yo Gabba-Gabba things and I'm going to make a quilt as well :-P

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B said...

How clever are you, girl! I would have never thought to print those out right on the fabric. And what a great idea to make a quilt. Your grandson is one lucky little boy to have a grammy who would go to such lengths just to make sure he has his faves. I love those Snoopy ornaments, too.